Finding furniture that suits your needs and still provides a cosy environment for entertaining doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve put together a shortlist of some of the top trends for Autumn furniture, which are sure to help your home decor inspire you, as well as those around you.

Autumn Kitchen Furniture

When it comes to kitchens, a more contemporary yet unique style can be achieved by incorporating a zinc top kitchen island. This island is also vintage and made from recycled timber, offering an on-trend option for kitchen design, which also provides plenty of drawer space for all your gadgets and utensils.
Whether you wish to incorporate kitchen cupboards into a kitchen island or have a separate unit, there are a range of cupboards and cabinets available to suit the style you’ve adopted for your kitchen.
For those who have an open plan kitchen/dining room space, a focal point in the dining room can help to distinguish it from the kitchen and offers an environment that easily caters for entertaining. Room dividers can also be used to separate the kitchen from the dining room whilst some will also build upon the vintage theme.

Autumn Dining Room Furniture

Whilst some individuals prefer to opt for leather dining chairs, to create a more traditional and professional atmosphere within your dining room, one trend this Autumn is ensuring that your home offers a cosy atmosphere for your guests. One key way to keep a cosy environment, whilst never compromising on the anticipated Autumn trends, is to invest in a timeless classic piece of furniture: an oak table for the dining room. These classic items frame the dining room by offering a focal point within the room, which other furniture decisions can be centred around. Oak tables and chairs can also be used both for minimalist designs and busier dining rooms too.

Minimal is more

A minimalist trend is expected to continue throughout Autumn and possibly beyond. There is currently a tendency to choose minimalist furnishings for your home decor. Its focus is primarily on more functional furniture, which tends to compliment neutral shades more than jewel colours. The minimalist approach is particularly applicable in big cities, such as London and Birmingham. This is because it is seen as more practical to be able to move your belongings between locations easily whilst still owning statement pieces that provide a sophisticated look and leave a memorable impression.

Autumn Living Room Furniture

Bold colours and jewel tones are currently popular when combined with a minimalist approach. Velvet tub chairs offer a great, contemporary furnishing option whilst remaining in-keeping with the trend of bold and jewel colour options.
To view more of our available armchairs and sofas, please visit the seating section of our website. For an alternative approach that’s still on-trend, you can opt for a more neutral option for your living room furniture.

Autumn Garden Furniture

When it comes to garden furniture this Autumn, wood and neutral colours seem to be the most widely-adopted options. Outdoor seating tends to offer either fabric materials with neutral colours or coloured frames with wooden bases, offering a noticeable difference in decor choices. The neutral chair option is usually best paired with a glass top table, whilst the coloured frames chair best suit a matching wood or oak table.

Neutral Needs

There is currently a natural sway towards neutral across home decor. This is seen to offer a more cosy atmosphere in which to entertain and relax. By opting for neutral options, such as nude tones, rather than bold colours, there is more scope for owners and guests alike to focus on other details like the shape of the chosen furniture and accessories.

Whether you’re opting for a new kitchen island, your first set of garden furniture or a classic oak table, our team would be more than happy to assist you. Please visit our Burntwood showroom or contact our London office for further information. As furniture specialists, we can also provide bespoke but budget-friendly options that meet your requirements.

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