electric conductor floor mounted bar stools

Electric Conductor Floor Mounted Bar Stools

Stock Code: ST008

  • £155.00

  • Ex VAT: £129.17

These unique, floor mounted bar stools are sure to make a bold statement in any space.

The stools have been made from former electricity conductors and would add an interesting, industrial touch to any interior.

The stools can be integrated into most styles due to their turned pine seats; the pine colour combined with the metal base creates a very versatile look. They can also be fixed to the floor, providing stable seating for bars, restaurants and homes alike.
Or, why not place them inside retail changing rooms or waiting areas?

Please note that the price is for one of our floor mounted bar stools only; however, we do have more available.

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All dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly.

47 cm 35 cm 0 cm 35 cm 0 cm

This diagram is for illustrative purposes and does not reflect the style or design of the product

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