Large Industrial Restaurant Table


  • £995.00

  • Ex VAT: £829.17

If you are looking for a stand out feature to bring tons of industrial charm and character to your bar or restaurant, the Large Industrial Restaurant Table could be the table you have been looking for.

We have two of these tables, one features four built in drawers, of two different sizes, and the other is a slightly larger table with no built in drawers.

Both of these tables ooze industrial urban charm with the distressed pale green patina, which showcases the rustic appearance of the original wood, and the durable, worn wooden top, which guests can comfortably dine on.

Both of the tables can comfortably fit 8, with an extra two at the either of the sides if needed, this makes it great for larger families who want to sit together, or it can be used for smaller groups who wish to socially distance. 

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