Turn Your Outdoor Restaurant Space into a Mediterranean Paradise

Do you want to emulate that warm, sunny atmosphere in your beer garden or outdoor restaurant space? We are all longing for that snippet of sunshine to breeze its way over from the med and want to sit in the sunshine and enjoy a glass or two of our favourite beverages. With bars, restaurants and parts of the hospitality sector opening their doors on April 12th, there is no better time to bring a little bit of coastal cool to your beer garden or patio area.  

Here, we’ll show you how to create a charming, Mediterranean inspired outdoor space with our commercial outdoor furniture that will certainly put a smile on your customer’s face. 

Alfresco Dining 

The Mediterranean would not be the Mediterranean without bustling city streets sprinkled with lavish alfresco restaurants, secluded courtyards filled with rustic style outdoor tables and chairs, whitewashed stone cafes with an intimate seating area underneath a canopy. 

Alfresco dining is what makes Mediterranean living so very special, it represents laidback living, socialising in the sun and fabulous food and drink. To recreate that laid back style, we recommend choosing outdoor restaurant furniture that will make your space come alive without looking too busy or overdone. Simple, but practical furniture springs to mind.

The Foldable Outdoor Table and Foldable Outdoor Chairs for restaurants are perfect for warming up that empty space underneath your canopy outside. The outdoor furniture is slimline, and the slatted wooden design will bring a vintage rustic feel to your outdoor cafe or restaurant – simply fold the furniture to store it with ease during the winter months. If you have a small courtyard, you could try corner booth seating and dress it with throws and cushions to create a cosy corner with plenty of added texture. Add a pergola with wraparound vines to your corner to create a relaxing ambience. 

Here Comes the Sun

Boutique bars and restaurants beside the sea are what makes the Mediterranean an ever-popular place to relax and eat and drink to your heart's content. Beachfront bars and restaurants have plenty of competition, so it is important to make your outdoor bar area or beer garden stand out from the crowd. Keeping to that traditional Mediterranean theme of terracotta floors, plenty of pontoon lights and flowery accents will certainly give your beachfront bar a reason for potential customers to choose you over your rivals. 

Outdoor furniture needs to be easy to clean and stylish. Terrazzo is a huge trend right now, and comes in plenty of different material forms, our Terrazzo Outdoor Dining Table is available in both light and dark design styles and is perfect for bars and restaurants next to the beach, where you can feel the sand between your toes and a cool sangria in your hand.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is high on everyone’s priority list right now – not only are recyclable, sustainable products fantastic for your ethical commitments, they usually add plenty of texture to your space because of the blend of different materials – buying recyclable furniture is a great ethical choice, but it can also be super stylish, too. 

The Barcelona Outdoor Beer Garden Furniture is made from 100% recyclable material and offers your customers a comfortable and practical seat that will help create a modern, sociable seating area. Surround the outdoor tables and chairs set with plenty of olive and citrus trees and place them on beautiful blue-tiled floors to create a more luxurious restaurant space for your guests. The Barcelona is also stackable and easy to clean – a useful feature for busy restaurant spaces. 

A Mediterranean style bar, restaurant or café is the perfect theme to perk up your customers as we slowly make our way out of the pandemic. Create a chilled, vibrant space with plenty of outdoor furniture and seating areas for your customers to come and dine in true Mediterranean style, with plenty of potted plants for botanical accents and laid-back dining spaces, you can easily make your customer feel like they are in the middle of the med! 

We stock a wide range of commercial outdoor furniture in the UK. If you want to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your restaurant or bar here at home, then browse our outdoor furniture collection.

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