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Here, you will find both traditional and modern coffee tables to suit your space, crafted in quality solid materials to stand the trials of time. Suitable for private homes and hospitality venues alike, each one has been carefully selected for its unique style, character, and functionality, offering a little something for every interior style. Browse the collection of home and commercial coffee tables above, or get in touch to discuss your needs in more detail. 

Modern Coffee Tables

Looking for something a little more contemporary? Peppermill Interiors is home to a quality selection of modern coffee tables, well-suited to sleek, minimal design schemes. From Art Deco-inspired pieces with brass accents to stylish, Scandi minimalism, you will find everything you need to create a chic and sophisticated atmosphere in your lounge, café, or reception area. 

Browse the full range of modern coffee tables to inspire your interiors here, or create something completely bespoke – the choice is yours!

Industrial Coffee Tables

Industrial coffee tables offer the perfect combination of style and functionality, crafted in robust natural materials that resist the weathering of time. They make a fantastic statement piece, balancing the warmth of wood with sleek metal and concrete accents, and look especially attractive when paired with leather chairs or a bold splash of colour. 

An industrial coffee table may also be a more sustainable solution for your home or business, with many created from recycled and reclaimed materials. From sturdy cast iron legs to striking butcher’s block tops and even clever hidden storage solutions, here you’ll find a refined collection of industrial coffee tables to bring style and character to your space. 

Round Coffee Tables

Round coffee tables are perfect for crafting a cosy atmosphere and serve as a stylish centrepiece for your lounge furniture. A clever space-saving solution, they make it easier to arrange more chairs without cluttering up your living room, and can soften an interior scheme with their curved lines and symmetrical aesthetic. Available in lots of different materials, a round oak coffee table feels warm and inviting, while metal and stone effect offer an elegant finish. This means you can easily choose a circular design to suit your preferences. 

In cafés and bars, round coffee tables are also a popular option, enabling you to comfortably seat more guests and easily manoeuvre chairs to accommodate different group sizes. Whether you are looking for a rustic round coffee table or something a little more modern, Peppermill Interiors provides a range of options to suit your style. Don’t forget to pair your table with the perfect set of sofas and armchairs!

Commercial Coffee Tables

When it comes to commercial coffee tables, functionality is key. You need something that is durable without compromising on design, and resistant to the dreaded water rings when guests forget to use a coaster. Ideally, you should also have something that is lightweight enough to move when required but sturdy enough to support intensive, day-to-day use. 

Enter the Peppermill Interiors collection. All of the options you will find on this page are robust enough to stand up to the rigours of catering and hospitality, from signature solid-wood styles to statement vintage pieces designed to get your guests talking. 

Some are available in a range of sizes to help you create a cohesive look throughout your café or coffee shop, while others have unique features to enhance the visitor experience. For example, why not opt for a pedestal design to prevent legs from getting in the way of a good time, or try something with reclaimed timber to match the rustic vibe of your restaurant. 

Whatever you choose, you can be sure that these commercial coffee tables will bring a good dose of design-led durability to your establishment. If you’re still not sure what to order, or need help ordering multiple items, feel free to reach out for assistance

Design Your Own Coffee Table

If you still can’t find your perfect table, why not design your own? Whether you are hankering after a mango wood coffee table in a specific size, or you want to create something completely unique, our personalisation service is popular with homeowners and businesses alike. Choose from an almost limitless combination of tabletops and bases and then tailor your design to the exact length and width you need, for a finished piece that fits flawlessly into your space. 

If you’re having trouble deciding what kind of design to go for, you can also get in touch with one of the design experts here at Peppermill Interiors. With an in-depth knowledge of interior styling and full visibility over the product range, they’ll be able to help you select the perfect piece for your needs. 

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