Oxygen House, Exeter, UK

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Oxygen House, Exeter, UK

Oxygen House focuses its attention on finance, science, law, mathematics and engineering. They have created a space which incorporates both style and ethics to create something which represents their business model.

Westlake Innes Jordan Associates have created a fantastic sustainable space with eco-friendly furniture for Oxygen House. With a focus on sustainability and natural resources, they have managed to build a space that considers quality of design as well as making a statement about what matters to them the most - the environment.

Upcycled Materials

Being invested in the social and ethical state of the world is illustrated in a lot of the furniture that has been carefully chosen for Oxygen House, including the Floor Mounted Bar Stools, which have been made from former electrical conductors and used as tables. 

The stools give a nod to engineering and sustainability and of course, upcycling former electrical conductors is extremely beneficial for the environment. The mix of wooden and metal features alongside the unique swivel style of the stool works perfectly in the industrial style buildings.

Wooden Accents

Another sustainable feature handpicked for this particular project is the A-Frame Pine Table and Bench. Made from 100% recycled timber, the rustic features of the table and bench add a touch of character to this contemporary space and they are accompanied by the Imperial College Breakfast Bar Stools, which are made from solid oak timber and symbolise the original lab stool from Imperial College London, the world-famous university which specialises in science and engineering, again, constructing a sentimental significance behind the choice.

Colourful Lighting

Westlake Inns Jordan Associates have created a fantastic light feature using our Mason Jar Light Range. The red, yellow, blue and orange add colour to the industrial space. The Dome Pendant Light is an aged copper element which has been situated above the pool table, providing extra lighting to those engaging in a tournament.

Vintage Character

Whilst Oxygen House maintains a largely industrial, corporate approach to keep in touch with its origin, the interior does have vintage qualities dotted around its perimeter. 

The wooden vintage stacking chairs that sit on a modern metal frame were selected from our vintage furniture section as well as the Rustic Wooden Sideboard, which has a lovely distressed appearance that sits well with the industrial theme. Florist buckets, galvanised trash cans and suede pommel horses all give a vintage quirk to this magnificent building. Our vintage furniture gives commercial spaces the opportunity to create something different and make a statement in design.

Behind every piece of furniture displayed here, there is a reason why it was chosen. Whether it has links to the industrial world of science and engineering or signifies sustainability and morality, the furniture is something which works for the aspirations of the enterprise.

If you want to be kinder to the environment and are looking to pick products made with sustainable materials, contact us to find out about our eco-friendly chairs, tables made from recyclable materials and vintage furniture, which could turn your space into an eco-friendly haven.

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