The Giddy Goose and The White Goose, Dundee, UK

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The Giddy Goose and The White Goose, Dundee, UK

Building a warm and inviting ambience can be particularly difficult, especially if you’re looking to create something with industrial style, it can sometimes seem too harsh. These bars certainly get the balance right.

Featuring botanical concepts, including plantation draped around exposed wooden frames and hanging plant pots from the ceiling and pinned to the walls, The Giddy Goose and The White Goose in Dundee creates an enigmatic, welcoming vibe.

Swanky Seating

The Mini Goodwood alongside the Franklin chairs and stools add industrial charm to this blissful space, making it undeniably full of lightness and sparkle, mesmerising whoever walks through its doors.

The hints of summery colours like the bold yellow pillows and blue sofas make up an almost peacock-y colour palette which embodies adventure and takes you into a bohemian world.

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