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Moo Cantina, London

Moo Cantina has a relaxed, cosy environment that feels like a real home from home. With great food, great atmosphere and a great interior!

A homely gastropub in the heart of Pimlico, London, Moo Cantina specialises in authentic, Argentinian food, as you feel like you stepped right into Argentina with its mood lighting, a graffiti wall, and an atmospheric beer garden. 

Argentinian Culture

Moo Cantina celebrates Argentinian culture, which is represented in everything from the world-class cocktail menu to the mix of wooden and velvet furniture, creating a space where people can come and relax to watch a game of sports, or unwind with a cocktail or two. 

Mirroring the laid-back, fun, and friendly people that visit, Moo Cantina has a relaxed, yet cosy environment that many will enjoy. Moo Cantina prides itself on ‘Quincho’ culture, friends and family gathering around enjoying simple but good quality meats and menus. 

Relaxed and Cosy ‘Home’

Moo Cantina takes plenty of inspiration from their mum’s recipes and state that their pub is like an extension of their living room! The velvet Jasper dining chairs add home comforts to this gastropub, while the Celine Velvet Chairs make a statement in Moo Cantina’s sister restaurant. Smart and sophisticated, yet calm and collected, the furniture makes Moo Cantina a real ‘home from home’.

The Beer Garden

An escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Moo Cantina has a wonderful beer garden, a space where people can bask in the sunshine over good food and drinks, in comfortable tables and chairs. Moo Cantina feature our Barcelona chairs in grey for a contemporary, laid-back feel. Practical and stylish, the gastropub can stack and store the chairs and tables away in the winter months or use them for extra seating indoors when everyone gathers to watch a live act or a football match.

If you want to create a space that is just as amazing as Moo Cantina, then drop us a line. We love helping bars and restaurants make their dreams come true!

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