Bohemia , Alconbury Weald


Bohemia , Alconbury Weald

“We have been using Peppermill Interiors for almost 8 years now and have always loved their fantastic range of products that suit every style!”

Peppermill Interiors’ Furniture in Bohemia 

Serving the finest fresh ground coffee alongside top quality food in a comfortable, stylish environment, Bohemia boasts a wonderfully unique space that’s full of incredible history. Bohemia Alconbury Weald, originally known as the Watch Office, commemorates the former airfield's role it played in the Second World War. This restaurant uses Peppermill Interiors’ furniture to not only accentuate its RAF history but to create a dining experience that’s comfortable and creative.

Dining Chairs With Character

Bohemia has taken an untraditional approach to dining chairs by mixing colours, materials and chair styles, which emphasise its laid back atmosphere and effortlessly contrasts against the white ceiling and wooden dining tables.

Despite each chair being completely unique, they all have one thing in common (aside from their unparalleled comfort), they all contribute to the retro and vintage elements of Bohemia, filling the restaurant with absolute character. For example, the Mini Goodwood Dining Chair shows off its industrial and retro character with its distressed, faux leather seat, in a range of rustic colours. The Isobella Velvet Dining Chair is upholstered in soft plush velvet and features a quilted seat and simply radiates refined retro designs.

Durable Dining Statements and Vintage Accessories 

Rather than mixing styles and colours for dining tables, Bohemia went simple and cohesive. The Butchers Block Dining Table with the Sheffield Pedestal Base exudes a strong statement, providing a stable and durable dining solution. The Sheffield Pedestal Base complements the industrial tones of the restaurant and Butchers Block Dining Table is timeless and lets the dining chairs stand out. The Butchers Block Dining Table also features a contrasting oak centre and pine edges with cast iron corner details, perfect for Bohemia’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Peppermill Interiors also stock a unique range of vintage furniture, with retro and industrial influences, ideal for Bohemia to add their own personalised edge. Bohemia incorporated the Vintage Wine Rack which provided a simple solution to store and display their wine in a distressed and rustic way.


Bohemia shows no bounds when it comes to creating the perfect dining space. Incorporating different colours and textures through furniture will only project  your company's personality and values. If you value long-lasting, timeless and comfortable furniture for your guests, then look no further than Peppermill Interiors!

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