LB's Coffee Shop, Blackbrook Barns, Staffordshire

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LB's Coffee Shop, Blackbrook Barns, Staffordshire

"Working with Peppermill Interiors was a wonderful experience; their expertise and furniture turned our vision of a rustic, industrial space into a modern, inviting reality."

LB’s Coffee Shop: A Perfect Blend of Rustic Charm and Modern Comfort 

Nestled in the serene Blackbrook Barns, LB’s Coffee Shop is more than just a place to enjoy freshly baked cakes and expertly roasted coffee—it's a sanctuary where guests can relax, connect with others, and escape the stress of everyday life. 

When the time came to design this haven, LB’s turned to Peppermill Interiors for our expertise in creating warm and inviting commercial spaces with high-quality, durable furniture, making their vision come to life.

Capturing the Rustic Essence 

Blackbrook Barns' rustic charm, with its exposed brick and natural wood elements, set the tone for LB’s interior design. Peppermill Interiors was tasked with enhancing this already beautiful setting while ensuring the space remained functional and welcoming. 

Seating That Invites You to Stay 

To match the barn’s aesthetic and provide comfortable seating, we supplied LB’s with our Arlington Leather Chair in a variety of rich, earthy tones: Matcha, Hickory Brown, Olive Green, and Espresso Brown. These chairs not only offer a cosy place to sit but also blend seamlessly with the barn’s natural colour palette. Complementing these were the Jenson Leather Stools in Hickory Brown and Olive Green, which add a touch of sophistication and provide dynamic seating options.

Tables for Every Occasion 

For dining tables, LB’s chose our pine round and square top café tables. These tables, with their natural wood finish, enhance the rustic charm and provide a sturdy, elegant surface for guests to enjoy their meals. The combination of round and square tables ensures a dynamic layout that caters to both small and larger groups.

Al Fresco Dining 

Recognizing the importance of an inviting outdoor space, Peppermill Interiors also supplied the Milan Square Pedestal Tables with matching chairs for LB’s outside area. These high-quality, water-resistant pieces are designed to withstand the elements while maintaining a stylish look, perfect for guests who wish to enjoy their coffee in the fresh air. 

Adding the Finishing Touches 

No interior design is complete without the right accessories. To accentuate the rustic vibe and add a touch of vintage elegance, LB’s opted for the Capella Pendant Lights. These lights, with their charming, old-world design, provide warm, ambient lighting that makes the space feel cosy and inviting. Additionally, to create the illusion of more space and reflect the beautiful surroundings, we installed the Vintage Window Frame Mirror, a piece that adds depth and character to the coffee shop.

A Cosy Retreat 

The result is a beautifully designed coffee shop that perfectly marries the rustic elements of Blackbrook Barns with the modern comfort and style of Peppermill Interiors’ furniture. LB’s Coffee Shop now offers an inviting retreat where guests can unwind, savour delicious treats, and enjoy the serene surroundings. 

At Peppermill Interiors, we pride ourselves on transforming commercial spaces into destinations. With LB’s Coffee Shop, we’ve created a cosy, stylish environment that reflects its rustic roots while providing a comfortable, modern experience for every visitor.

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