Sushi Revolution, Shoreditch, London


Sushi Revolution, Shoreditch, London

'Absolutely love the Peppermill Interiors furniture, we use their chairs in both our Sushi Revolution restaurants. The Wood and Metal Chair in Brixton and the Jubilee Dining Chair in Shoreditch. Great choice of options / colours and the quality and price cannot be beaten. Highly recommended. Thank you guys!'

Rebel and Join The Sushi Revolution

Sushi Revolution, a unique restaurant based in the vibrant district of Shoreditch, London, is revolutionizing the sushi dining experience! Known for offering all your favourite sushi and Japanese classics with a rebellious twist, Sushi Revolution aimed to reflect its innovative ethos through its interior design. To achieve this, they turned to Peppermill Interiors for a bespoke solution that would create a unique and inviting space for their guests.

Modern Industrial Restaurant Interior

One of the standout features of Sushi Revolution’s interior is its modern industrial look, epitomised by the Jubilee Dining Chairs in Dorian Grey. These chairs boast sleek, minimal features without sacrificing style, making them a modern industrial delight. The Jubilee Dining Chairs are stackable, offering practicality and efficiency in a bustling restaurant environment. Paired with grey café restaurant tables, they create a cohesive and sophisticated look. To achieve a similar aesthetic,  explore our extensive range of café table options, including bespoke tables and the indestructible Isotop range, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Natural Accents and Warmth

Sushi Revolution’s interior is decorated with natural material elements such as plants and wood, adding a welcoming and cosy feel to the dining space. The wooden chairs used throughout the restaurant contribute to this inviting ambiance. To replicate this look, consider the Luxor Dining Chairs, which are a popular choice among commercial spaces. Available in an array of colours, the bold design brings a pop of fun to any space. The 'Luxor’ Metal and Wood Stacking Chair is particularly great for adding personality and warmth, making diners feel right at home.

Calming Simplicity and Muted Tones

The use of muted tones and simplicity across Sushi Revolution’s interior creates a calming atmosphere that allows the colourful and delicious sushi dishes to take centre stage. This thoughtful design choice ensures that the food remains the star of the show, igniting the taste buds of every guest who walks through the door.  

Peppermill Interiors is proud to have contributed to the success of Sushi Revolution by creating a space that perfectly mirrors their rebellious and innovative spirit. For businesses looking to transform their interior décor, the Peppermill Interiors team offers specialised guidance and a wide range of furniture options to suit any style and need.

Contact the Peppermill Interiors team today for more information on how we can help you achieve your dream interior.

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