Sofas & Armchairs

Some say a sofa is one of the most important purchases you will make for your space. From sinking down into your living room after a long day to curling up in a coffee shop with a good book, luxury sofas provide the setting for those precious moments of pure relaxation. Combining deluxe comfort with irresistible interior styling, the Peppermill Interiors collection is curated to add warmth and character to any space. 

Sofas & Armchairs
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From modern sofas designed to maximise space to vintage armchairs that inspire a fuzzy feeling of nostalgia, every item in the range is hand-selected for comfort and style. Whether you need commercial lounge furniture for your bar or cafe, or bespoke sofas for your living room: this collection makes it easy to craft the ultimate relaxation space.

Designer Armchairs: Comfort Meets Style

When it comes to designer armchairs, the Peppermill Interiors collection contains a snug seat in every style. From traditional leather armchairs to Scandi-chic sheepskin and plush velvet options, these pieces make it easy to accent your space. Each one is carefully selected for the plushest comfort and long-term functionality. 

Many of the designer armchairs in this range can be paired with the matching sofa, for a cosy and cohesive set that pulls your living room look together. Meanwhile, vintage armchairs make a sensational statement all on their own, with rich organic textures adding depth and character to any interior scheme. 

All of the designer armchairs in the collection can also lend an eye-catching finish to your commercial spaces.  Whether you are creating a cosy bar, restaurant or coffee shop, the Peppermill Interiors’ luxurious lounge seating can set the scene for an elevated experience. 

Contemporary Sofas For Modern Living Spaces

The Peppermill Interiors’ collection of luxury sofas and armchairs come in various shapes and styles to suit the decor of your room. Made with comfort and style in mind, each piece is expertly curated by interior design specialists to ensure the finest quality and attention to craftsmanship. 

This includes a full range of contemporary and modern sofas suited to the rigours of everyday living. From upscale faux leather to luxurious linen, you can choose the materials best suited to your space with the expertise of in-house design specialists. 

Many of the contemporary sofas in the collection can also be customised to suit your colour scheme, whether you prefer a pop of coloured upholstery or warm, cosy neutrals. 

Traditional Charm: Leather Armchairs

Traditional leather armchairs offer a warm, wistful cosiness that simply begs you to get comfortable. In this collection, you will find charming vintage style armchairs with a luxurious, lived-in appeal, complete with traditional detailing such as winged backs,  scroll arms and handsome stud button seat backs. These timeless pieces provide the perfect perch to read the morning paper or enjoy your favourite tipple beside a roaring fire. 

If you are looking for something a little more contemporary but still desire the rich warmth and character of a vintage piece, you can also find minimalist swivel designs and mid-century modern silhouettes in a range of leather and faux leather textiles. These styles combine the classic beauty of traditional leather armchairs with present-day trends for a timeless look that invites you to stay awhile. 

Enhance Your Home With Stylish Seating Solutions

When enjoying some downtime, many of us spend a significant amount of time relaxing on the sofa at home, making lounge seating one of the most crucial decisions.

The Peppermill Interiors’ collection of luxury sofas is curated to help you make the right choice for your space, with the modern way of life in mind. From iconic Chesterfields to multi-functional sofas that can work anywhere from the hallway to the dining room, each piece provides unparalleled comfort and long-term aesthetic appeal, with sizes to suit any home.

Many of the luxury sofas in the range also come with their own style story, from pieces inspired by the golden age of cruising to reimagined styles from celebrated Danish designers. 

Commercial Lounge Furniture: Perfect For Business Spaces

Need help picking the perfect commercial lounge furniture for your space? Peppermill Interiors’  specialist design experts will work with you to help you find the perfect ​​restaurant furniture that meets your requirements. Whether you are looking to furnish a restaurant, cafe, pub or bar, you will find an extensive range of commercial lounge furniture to lend a luxurious finish to your space. 

Choose from sumptuous sofas to suit your bar area or restaurant benches to complement your dining space, all crafted in the finest durable materials to stand the test of time. With matching sofa and armchair sets available, it is easy to create an aesthetically pleasing space that makes guest comfort a priority. 

Whether you are searching for plush leather armchairs, perfect for creating a cosy nook in your pub, or sleek linen dining benches, ideal for upscale restaurants and bars, find cosy commercial seating your customers are going to love at Peppermill Interiors.

Ready to invest in an essential piece of the living room puzzle? Browse the collection of luxury sofas, and contemporary and vintage armchairs, and reach out to speak to a Peppermill Interiors expert about your needs here.

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