5 Tips for Organising Your Home

With Autumn on its way it is time to reflect on what you will need to be easily accessible in your home as the seasons change, and organise your home. If you are uncertain on where to start, this is where Peppermill Interiors' 5 tips for organising your home can help. Read on to see how these top tips can remove the hassle out of organising your home.


 1.    Always make a list of what needs organising

To prevent becoming overwhelmed with the amount that needs organising in your home, we suggest you go into each room and evaluate exactly what needs organising in each room. This will become your tick list so you can methodically cross off your completed tasks. Every tick will act as a motivational push to move onto the next item; a list also prevents any areas being forgotten about or neglected in your home. Think how good you will feel once you have ticked off all the tasks!!!

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2.    Buy stylish storage

Secondly, we recommend you invest in space-saving and stylish furniture that can store away items in an organised manner. If you have lovely new furniture pieces to organise your belongings into you are more likely to have a motive and that last push to arrange and tidy your items away. For instance, our Reclaimed Timber Ladder Back Shelves is a stunning revamped 60s design shelving unit with an industrial twist. The ladder-back shelves alongside the two large drawers provide ample storage from small items such as books, ornaments, photographs and so on.  

Product: Reclaimed Timber Ladder Back Shelves

You could even categorise your items into different types of item or product use and contain all these in our Vintage Industrial Metal Trays with a label on. For example, Electronics could have its own dedicated tray, thus when you next need a charger and so forth, you immediately know where it is stored in your home.

Product: Vintage Industrial Metal Trays

3.       Store away outdoor furniture

Now the summer is coming to a close it is time to store away outdoor furniture, either by buying a protective cover or carefully storing it away in a shed. Furniture can be very bulky to store which is why we suggest you purchase outdoor furniture that is foldable, and as such much easier to store. For instance, our Vintage Outdoor Wooden Folding Chairs and our Vintage Outdoor Wooden Folding Table which complement each other perfectly with their rustic charm and foldable design.

Product: Vintage Outdoor Wooden Folding Table

Product: Vintage Outdoor Wooden Folding Chairs


4.       Declutter your kitchen

Decluttering your kitchen throughout the seasons is crucial as kitchens are used so frequently it can be easy for this busy space to become disorganised or for items to show wear and tear. Go through all your kitchen pots and pans, cutlery and kitchenware and check they are all in a good condition and then categorise the items ready to be stored away. Remember to give your kitchen cupboards a clean before putting any equipment back into the cupboards.  If you are limited on kitchen cupboard space it may be time to look at alternative ways of storing kitchen equipment, such as hooks for pans and storing items in kitchen islands. Our Large Pine Kitchen Island is a striking piece that has multiple uses, it can be used as breakfast bar seating, kitchen preparation surfaces and plenty of storage to hide items away.


Product: Large Pine Kitchen Island

5.    Organise your bedroom

Autumn is the perfect time to have a reorganisation of your bedroom and wardrobe, make sure to store away any summer clothing items. Our top tip is to store summer items in vacuum packs as this considerably reduces the space they take up in storage. Peppermill’s Valance Velvet Blanket Box is a versatile piece, it would look fantastic at the foot of a bed, it can act as a seat for putting shoes on and provides additional storage space inside, perfect for storing cushions, blankets, clothes and bedding. 

Product: Valance Velvet Blanket Box

Shoes in particular can get unorganised very quickly in the bedroom. To prevent this, shoe rack furniture such as our Large Pine Boot Hole Unit, helps provide a dedicated space for each pair of shoes to be stored, making it incredibly easy to keep pairs of shoes organised together long term with little effort required.

Product: Large Pine Boot Hole Unit

Whether you wish to discuss a specific item or consider which of our furniture from our extensive range would best suit your needs to organise your home, please contact us today. Our experienced team will be able to help you make an informed decision about which furniture meets your requirements, from a contemporary flat, country cottage to a spacious new build. 

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