70's Revival

How to incorporate 70’s style within your home using Peppermill Interiors’ furniture

Dive into a captivating trend that’s making a major comeback in the world of interior design - the iconic 70's style!

The 1970's was an era of bold expression, vibrant colours and innovative design concepts. Now we’re moving forward into the 2020’s we’re witnessing a renaissance of these nostalgic elements in contemporary interior aesthetics. 

Let's explore how this retro trend is shaping modern spaces, from living rooms to dining areas and beyond. At Peppermill Interiors, they are thrilled to see this groovy revival taking centre stage once again!

Vintage Colours

At Peppermill Interiors, they've curated a collection that celebrates 70's-inspired colours, offering furniture pieces that effortlessly blend retro charm with a modern flair.

The Caprice Fully Upholstered Dining Chair instantly transforms any dining space into a nostalgic sanctuary.

The charismatic colour and comfortable construction of the upholstered chair gives a sophisticated retro twist to any dining space while creating a nostalgic yet trendy atmosphere.

Iconic Silhouettes

The 70's also brought us iconic silhouettes and materials, think curved lines, geometric shapes, and unique textures...

The Washington Leather Dining Chair range at Peppermill Interiors reflects these iconic silhouettes and materials!

Boasting Scandinavian elegance and Italian dynamic lines, this chair is a perfect embodiment of beautiful craftsmanship and comfort that instantly adds a sleek and sophisticated feel to any dining space.

Not to mention the distinctive semi-circular backrest, black Ashwood tapered legs, and full leather upholstery – every element speaks to a unique style that resonates well with the 70’s aesthetic.

Retro Style

The Venice Side Chair range features refreshing green and neutral shades that perfectly embody the 70's trend of incorporating playful colours and solid structures into interiors.

Mid-century inspired, with a hugging curved back and plush linen seat, it's a delightful blend of convenience and style, merging seamlessly with a range of interiors.

The Venice offers a timeless design and top quality materials, promising not only long-term comfort but also durability, making it the ideal choice for those looking to bring a touch of 70's style into your space.

Nostalgic Dining Tables

Rowan Dining Table

Peppermill Interiors also feature a beautiful range of nature-inspired furniture that mimic intertwining branches. This range works perfectly for 70's inspired style!

The striking Rowan Dining Table range will infuse any dining space with a touch of nostalgia.

This table meticulously combines Scandinavian design elements with a robust ash wood base and a resilient tempered glass tabletop, providing a unique blend of 70s aesthetics and modern utility.

Mulberry Dining Table

In addition, the Mulberry Dining Table range offers seamless fluidity of the solid ash wood legs, mimicking intertwining branches under a tempered glass top. This table would be the perfect centrepiece to channel that 70's vibe with a contemporary twist in your dining room!

Shopping 70’s Style with Peppermill Interiors…

The 70's revival is more than just a trend—it's a celebration of timeless design! 

Whether you're looking to revamp your entire space or simply add a touch of retro flair, Peppermill Interiors is here to help you bring the spirit of the 70's into your home. 

Explore their collection of furniture that capture the essence of this iconic era today!

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