A Guide to Bohemian Interior Design

A Guide to Bohemian Interior Design

Bold, unconventional and free-spirited, a bohemian home is a colourful celebration of life – think old and new, mismatched textiles and your own personal touches. Boho interiors can be incorporated into just about every home to mirror your personality. So whether you have a house by the sea or a farmhouse in the heart of the countryside, we can show you how you can merge some bohemian furniture style into your home.

Victorian Terrace

When it comes to bohemian interior design, there are no rules! Perhaps the easiest space to dress in boho décor is a good old Victorian terrace – with big rooms, lots of character and high ceilings, a terraced house already has boho culture in its bones. 

Think bright colours, statement lighting and bold patterns, whether it is on pillows, curtains, wallpaper or tiled floors. Pair your patterns with colourful artwork, the older the better. Layer all your patterns and colours on top of one another, add some antique trinkets and there you have it, your very own vintage funhouse. Victorian terraces also embrace that dark, boho gothic look, a trend that takes over many Victorian terraces on Instagram. 

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Rustic Farmhouse Cottage

A farmhouse-bohemian home can be a little trickier to pair together. Keep in the rustic, characterful features of the building, add in dark wooden tones and lots of foliage to get that signature jungalow style. Throw some key antique pieces into the mix to claw back that country feel, but style it with bold, patterned prints or the odd patterned cushion. Rattan furniture also helps turn the country theme on its head, and mix-matched materials can certainly help bring Bohemian flair to your space. 

Our Bentwood Dining Chairs have rattan seats, yet still have that rustic vintage style, that is synonymous with cottage-style interiors. Keeping the old and adding in the new will help establish your very own farmhouse-boho chic style.

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Modern City Penthouse

Typically, penthouses carry a lot of light, so you can take your eccentricity to the next level. Use unconventional colours like dark purples, lime greens, fiery corals and electric blues. Layering these amazing colours will make your interior stand out from the crowd. We love how bright and open @erica_davies open-plan space is, which is injected with pops of colour, including an eye-catching lime green sofa and our Boden table which has been painted in a gorgeous colour, super similar to Farrow & Ball’s Charlotte's Lock, a beautiful, burnt orange shade that really compliments the white walls and contrasting bright, bold colours. 

Image Credit: @erica_davies

Georgian Townhouse

Think of those stunning townhouses that you find nestled in Notting Hill, with walk up steps, three story floors and striking large windows. Georgian homes are usually full of life and filled with both history and character. Features like high ceilings and original floors make it even easier to build on that bohemian home spirit. 

Why not embrace that history and litter your interior with your own collection of memorabilia or family heirlooms? The use of antique pieces, whether that be furniture, handmade items,  fine bone china or vintage clocks will work well with new styles like our Marseille Fabric Dining Bench in Wheat, working wonders in a Georgian townhouse and adding personality to your space. The trick is to ensure no two rooms look the same, and each has plenty of bohemian room décor that carry their own signature styles.

Breezy Seaside Retreat

Bohemian style furniture and whitewashed floors and ceilings are like two peas in a pod. Use your white canvas to bounce the light around your seaside home, using plenty of bold and bright hues in your furniture and your soft furnishings. If, however, you are longing for a more toned-down version of boho interiors, use rattan and soft blue hues to complement that easy-breezy seaside style. 

Dulux’s 2022 Colour of the Year: Bright Skies is a light, bright and airy shade that works perfectly with wooden accents and comfortable, squishy furniture. Our Scandinavian collection complements the light blue hue perfectly. 

Make your interior personal to you and combine tan leathers with textiles you’ve collected from your travels to create a space that embodies travel, culture, relaxation and boho interior design.

If you prefer the bright and bold bohemian room décor, or a blank canvas with neutral rattan furniture, you can tailor it to your own tastes and keep boho style alive and kicking. If you’re in need of more design ideas, take a look at our Instagram feed or get in touch with our friendly sales team who will be happy to help at every step of your design journey.

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