One thing that the Coronavirus and lockdown pandemic taught us is the importance of having an accessible outdoor space to relax and unwind, such as a garden or a balcony. In fact, a recent report states that although the housing market has taken a dip, buyer demand has increased for homes with balconies, gardens and those near to open spaces.

While gardens are easy to transform into a comfortable and inspirational place, where you can spend days on end, it is not so easy with balconies. You have to work with limited space, and carefully select the furniture, in order to create an appealing and tranquil environment, which allows you to detach from your home environment. To help you plan your balcony transformation, we Peppermill have come up with 5 inspirational ideas to transform your balcony and find unique balcony furniture. 

1. Add a Pop of Colour

Colourful balcony furniture can make even the dullest, smaller balcony stand out. Add Mediterranean chic and lighten up even the greyest of days with our Summer Outdoor Chair range. Pick a colour to complement your home’s interior or go bold and mix and match for a bold and careless look. 

2. Embrace Vintage Romance

If you have a bigger balcony or terrace, which allows you to set up a table and chairs, then adding some vintage romance with a red-and-white classic outdoor set will certainly elevate your space. Imagine having a light Sunday breakfast and a cup of strong coffee perfectly arranged on your vintage table. It’s ideal for these Instagram-worthy pictures as well. 

For smaller balconies, our Ceramic Top Tables can work just as well.

3. Add Purpose to the Walls

Balcony space is often limited so make the most of it by adding decorative coat hooks to the walls. You can use them to hang your blankets, macrame plant pots, art, decorations like shell strings and dreamcatchers and just about anything you wish. Think out of the box and add character to your balcony with this unusual decoration. 

4. Choose Unusual Plant Pots

If you are a successful gardener and your balcony has been enjoying blooming flowers and lively greenery this spring, then invest in some unique matching pots to add charm and make your vegetation an instant focal point. Invoke memories of sun-drowned fields and summer afternoons with these vintage olive buckets, which are not only practical but will also stand out and offer a perfect fit for your larger plants. 

5. Make a Bold Statement

Real wine lovers know a good bottle of wine when they see one. Elevate your evenings and add romance to your balcony with a retro bottle crate, which also features a vintage glass bottle that you can refill with wine or your favourite liquor.  It is not only a great feature display, but it’s quite practical as well, as the wooden crate ensures you won’t accidentally knock over your wine. If you are not a big drinker, just fill the glass bottle with fresh water and add a colourful flower bouquet to brighten up your balcony. 

At Peppermill you can find a wide selection of garden and balcony furniture, including unique and inspiring decorations, which will make any space stand out. Contact us for any enquiries, including delivery, measurements and in

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