The tables we’ve listed below are popular options, which can be adapted to suit different rooms. We’ve explained possible purposes for each table in terms of the statement it might make about your office or home. 

Reclaimed Oak Tables: The Ethical Environment

Our reclaimed oak table is adaptable enough to add an authentic, rustic charm to its chosen location. Featuring natural grooves, the reclaimed oak table demonstrates that the owner is perhaps conscious of creating an ethical environment. Ranging in size from 2.2 to 2.8m, with a 1m width, the table would be ideal for pubs or commercial venues that wish to make a modern, environmental statement without losing their traditional atmosphere. The table is therefore equally suited to country homes and ethical abodes, should homeowners wish to add character to their dining area. 

Pine Table: Modern Dining

If you wish to adopt a more modern approach when it comes to dining tables but still require a statement piece that will create a lasting impression, then our pine table could be ideal. Made from pine and featuring unusual cut outs on either side, this table offers a unique design whilst still maintaining a slightly rustic character. It is therefore versatile enough to be suited to both modern and traditional environments. 
Our modern pine table effortlessly yet subtly hints that the business or home it sits within has strong values behind its modern outlook. Available in either 2x1m or 2.4x1m, this New England inspired piece serves as a focal point whether placed in an office kitchen, a commercial venue or a family home.

Shabby Chic Pine Table: A Homely Environment

Still looking for a pine table but concerned that your location needs to retain a more traditional and relaxed atmosphere? Our shabby chic pine table may offer the perfect solution.
 Available in two sizes (200cmx90cm or 180cmx90cm) to suit your space, this table immediately creates a comfortable and cosy environment for all who surround it. The distressed base is even available in either white or grey paint, to ensure that it easily matches the chosen venue. 
The top of the table remains unpainted, offering a blank canvas, which can be personalised by other furnishings. This classic item is perfect for any pub, hotel or restaurant that wishes to maintain a homely atmosphere that welcomes its guests with open arms.

Reclaimed Square Table: Rustic Charm

Made from reclaimed elm, this large square table would be equally suited to a rustic pub or a hotel near the coast. With enough space to comfortably seat eight people, the square design, white wash finish and use of repurposed elm allows this item to create a statement within a room without stealing the focus from its chosen environment.
Ideal for establishing a homely environment within a commercial venue, this table could also be used for a large family home. The 1.5m depth and width also means the table is unique in being a perfect square shape: ideal for keeping your options open when it comes to seating choices.


Round Glass Table: Vintage Style

Our round glass table provides an elegance that would be ideal for either vintage-style venues or more contemporary atmospheres. 
Offering a 1960s style base and glass, circular top, this item will add further sophistication to any environment with its timeless design. It would therefore suit a wide range of venues from luxury restaurants to bespoke hotels.
If you’re looking for a statement piece for your venue, your living room or your office reception or kitchen, our round glass table would be a unique, elegant and welcomed addition to any room.

Fit for Purpose

Whether you wish to discuss a specific item or consider which of the tables from our extensive range would best suit your needs, please contact us today. Our experienced team will be able to help you make an informed decision about which dining table meets your requirements, from modern corporate and ethical retail environments to vintage home dining. 

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