There are a whole host of furniture myths and design ‘rules’ out there that limit the potential of our interior spaces. We’re here to debunk a few fictions that might be holding you back, and provide you with fantastic alternatives.

1. "Don't paint vintage furniture."

Some people do choose to follow this rule, but by painting vintage furniture you can breathe new life into something that was previously looking tired or dated. Recycling and upcycling furniture is becoming increasingly popular, not to mention, it's environmentally friendly! 

2. "Leather is hot in the summer and cold in the winter."

This is not true. Leather is porous, and it breathes. It adapts to the temperature of its environment, so if the room is warm, then your leather sofa or armchair will feel warm also. When well looked after, leather is a durable material that ages well, so a leather sofa or armchair will almost always be an investment piece.

3. "Rustic wood makes a room look old."

WRONG. Rustic or reclaimed wood can be used to create many different styles, and can most definitely be used in modern styling. Its unique character is great for making a statement in a space, plus it's a more environmentally friendly choice. Erica has our 'Boden' table, which  features a reclaimed pine top. We added a splash of colour with F&B's 'Charlotte's Lock'.

4. "Small spaces must have small furniture."

Instead of filling the room with several pieces of small furniture, one or two larger pieces will make the room appear bigger. Where space is limited, think in terms of style and function. Choose statement pieces that will be used every day, and opt for furniture that works hard for you, such as an ottoman with storage, or a shelving unit that doubles up as a desk.

5. "Leather is sensitive to sunlight."

This one's not a myth, it's a proven fact. At all costs, avoid placing leather furniture in direct sunlight. Avoid extreme temperatures that would cause leather to dry and crack, so if possible, don't place put your leather furniture next to radiators, fireplaces or air conditioning units.

6. "Dining room chairs must match."

Mis-matched dining chairs are becoming more popular, and one way to achieve this look without it looking messy is to stick to a common colour. Keep woods light or dark, or keep a unified fabric colour or texture. Claire has perfected this look by coordinating our 'Wellington' table with a rustic bench and dining chairs.

Tell us about any design rules that you like to break, whether it's painting your ceilings a colour that isn't white (shock horror!), or clashing patterns and prints!

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