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Living in London has a lot of perks, there is a wonderful buzz of people from all corners of the world, with their own individuality and style. People of all ages, of all different backgrounds, all under one big cloud-stuffed roof.  

There are restaurants bringing tastes from all over the globe and marvellous markets bringing everything from antique furniture to vintage clothing and food, London is truly a fantabulous place to be, but there is just one teeny tiny issue for those who live in London and other larger cities: the lack of.

However, for those who love to cook an al-fresco brunch at home, enjoy reading a book in the fresh air, or socialising with friends on a rooftop terrace, this guide packed with small garden furniture ideas is for you. 

Outdoor Seating: A Style for Every Size

For almost every outdoor space, no matter how intimate, seating is usually a top priority. But it does not have to be tricky – there are plenty of ideas. Folding chairs or stacking chairs are fantastic space saving solutions, as they are so easy to store, giving you plenty more space to work with.  

Adding potted plants and positioning them in clusters around your seating arrangement can bring nature and greenery to your outdoor seating area, giving you a calming, relaxing vibe. Add some solar lights to your potted plants or hang festoon lighting over your seating area for the ultimate chillout garden space. 

Make a bold statement with outdoor chairs and stools and go for colour! Bright rainbow hues can create a fun, flamboyant space that you can enjoy alone or with family and friends. Colour is certainly mood boosting medicine, which will inject life and soul into your garden.

Create Height and Dimension

Bold colours incorporated into your outdoor furniture or splashed onto the walls of your balcony can eliminate that concrete jungle. Bring a little bit of a fresh, tropical backdrop, that, when paired with even more bold and brilliant colourways will add dimension to a flat space.

Patterned tiles can be multi-dimensional and can be added to walls and floor space. Mediterranean style tiles are fresh, clean and instantly transport you to a world of sandy beaches and whitewashed buildings. 

Another handy tool for creating an optical illusion is an outdoor mirror, position strategically at an angle that makes your garden space appear bigger.  A trellis, vertical shelving or ladder shelving gives you the option to add a little bit of greenery to a small space – which could also double up as a potting bench.

Small Courtyard Garden Ideas

If you have the space, split your garden into different levels. Most would assume that this would make a small space seem crowded, but by partitioning your garden off into levelled sections, you are creating different zones, adding height and dimension to your outdoor space. 

If you can’t add levels to your garden, you can always section your garden off with planters and large shrubs. You could even add a mix of tiles, wooden panels and grass to the different sections to create a space with a zone for eating, socialising, and a space for children to play. 

If you have a designated seating area, bring the inside out and add plenty of comfy outdoor cushions and patterned outdoor rugs to make it just like another room in your house. 

Use paint to open up the space, fences, walls and even slabs can all be painted in bright neutrals or bold accents, all of which will help open up your courtyard garden. Can’t resist botanicals? Add a green living wall to accentuate those bland areas that need a little sprucing up!

Multi-purpose and Space Saving Solutions

There are plenty of space saving, small garden furniture ideas out there that you can utilise to create storage in small gardens. If you are DIY savvy, create an outdoor sofa from some old pallets and include some hidden storage to store covers, cushions and pillows. 

If you have green fingers, you can continue getting your hands dirty and consider a small, cabinet style greenhouse that has a bit of height and is less conventional. With garden storage like this, you don’t need a huge garden to keep the hobbies you enjoy.

For more multi-purpose garden storage, you could consider shelves and hooks to hang potted plants, watering cans and garden gloves if you are struggling with floor space. Add a planter with some beautiful begonia, classic pansies, or violas to set the ‘English country’ mood.

Home bars are a huge trend this summer, and just because you are short on space, doesn’t mean you can’t practice your cocktail making skills! A multi-purpose shed, with a pull-down hatch, or pull-down bar from the wall gives a simple platform for you to balance your champagne bucket on and prepare your garnish. A wooden, pull-down bar also adds plenty of rustic character to a garden.

Outdoor Tables for all Setups

And last but not least, we come to outdoor dining. We all enjoy a bit of alfresco, so just because you have a smaller space to work with, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on an outdoor dining table. A small table for two situated in a lovely corner of your courtyard, with wisteria wrapped around to get you feeling in tune with nature. 

If you do need extra seating, then grab some bean bags or consider a hammock or an egg chair to free up some floor space.

So whether you have a Spanish influenced courtyard or a modern balcony, we can help come up with small garden furniture ideas. Give us a call or drop us an email to find out more!

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