How to Master ‘Granny Chic’ and Experiment with Patterns

What is Granny Chic?

A little bit maximalist and a little bit shabby chic, with a little bit of vintage glamour thrown in there for good measure, the granny chic trend is flooding the Instagram explore page in 2021. 

Embracing colour, pattern and clutter, the trend is gaining plenty of traction, with home enthusiasts’ own style evolving over time. Borrowing elements from boho, maximalism and vintage creates a whole new granny chic trend, that seems to enjoy a mix of eclectic, vintage pieces paired with laid-back modern style. Peeping its head around corners in many homes across the UK, granny chic is a kitsch, unique trend to become acquainted with this year.

Embrace Symmetry and Patterns

Granny chic embodies flamboyant colours, floral patterns and antique furniture. Primary colours seem to take precedence over granny chic inspired homes, and a combination of them all usually gets the bright and bold ball rolling. 

The key to granny chic is to be busy. Lots of blue and white ceramic plates, calico designs, floral patterns and vintage vases, plates and decor speak volumes for this new trend. Tons of clutter keeps the granny chic style a little unruly and chandeliers, huge, patterned vases and big bouquets of flowers also add a splash of glamour.

Add a few personal touches like family heirlooms and antiques to give the decor a little bit of character. Patterned fabrics like our Yasmin Velvet Dining Chairs are fantastic for adding quirky patterns to your grand-millenial interior. The kitsch pattern is eccentric and can bring out a neutral corner of a room. Add a statement pendant light or OTT overhanging lamp and a faded vintage rug to the corner to bring the corner to life. 

Armchairs also have the ability to break up a little bit of that maximalist style, as they can offer symmetry. Bringing a touch of class to what can otherwise be a convulsive concoction of mismatched junk. Pair them in a bay window with matching curtains to bring symmetry to either side of a fireplace. 

Adding Retro Furniture

Granny chic is all about mixing the old and new, creating a new element of style in your home that embraces history, classic design and antiques. Retro furniture will work wonders in a granny chic inspired home. The Lowry Velvet Dining Chairs are bold in colour, and will sit beautifully on top of a bold and colourful rug. 

A gallery wall behind featuring mismatched frames and renaissance style prints all deliberately hung at a crooked angle and some reclaimed, characteristic flooring gives the room a little edge. Vintage trinkets should fill every inch of shelf space, and an overhaul of cushions and blankets to keep our grand-millenial style going. 

Think About Armchairs & Accent Chairs

If patterned wallpaper is the main ingredient to granny chic style, it’s greatest companion is armchairs & accent chairs. The 60/30/10 interior rule acknowledges that your room should be 60% of your main colour, so think larger accent pieces like your walls, sofas and chairs, which supports your main colour theme. 

Next, add 30% of a different colour, a colour which supports or complements the main colour and another colour contrast (10%) to bring the whole room together. For example, you could choose a deep indigo blue as your main colour (60%), and splash some floral blue wallpaper across your walls. 

Add a sunny yellow to complement it (30%), then add bold and daring fuschia pink as your eccentric, playful accent colour (10%) to pillows and throws. Adding different textures to a room through furniture can also add dimension and intrigue.


Bend and Break the Safe Rules

What makes it different from shabby chic? Shabby chic mixes timeless class with vintage rustic pieces, for granny chic, think more knitted throws and floral pillows and bedding. For granny chic in the bedroom, think vintage bedroom furniture, floral patterned bedding, a metal bed frame, knitted throws and a good old tub chair with a patterned cushion to finish it off. 

But, granny chic doesn’t have to be all flamboyance and quirkiness, it can easily be mixed into a modern interior. For those who prefer subtle hints of grand-millenial style like vintage chairs or vintage inspired sofas, don’t be afraid to make it your own. 

The Patchwork Wing Chair is fantastic for adding quirky patterns to your interior, the kitsch mismatch patchwork is granny chic gold. 

The best thing about granny chic style is that it is not necessarily a trend, it embraces everything from maximalism, to shabby chic, art deco to vintage and old-world. Fans of flea markets, and second-hand furniture lovers can embrace the wave of granny chic as well as upcycling enthusiasts.

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