How to Add Colour to your Kitchen this Spring & Summer

Spring is a very popular season that we celebrate with our loved ones, we invite our family and friends over for thrilling garden games followed by lavish dinner parties. The kitchen is usually the busiest room of the home, so why not make it a bright and creative place for the whole family to enjoy. Here we discuss how you can add colour to your own kitchen space with furniture, DIY and accessories.

Table garlands are becoming more and more common, and centrepieces are a great way to show off your dinner table and allow you to experiment with colour and texture if you didn’t want to redecorate your whole space. 

Natural wicker placemats and eucalyptus garlands create a beautiful décor, and you can add snippets of pastel colours that can really enhance the space. The beauty of a spring colour palette is that if you don’t like too much colour, then you can still get on board with this trend, because a combination of neutral colours and textures can still revolutionise your space.

Cosy neutrals and cool greys are very popular in a typical home, but do you ever feel like you need a bit of a refresh? By adding a simple pop of colour to your interior, you can brighten a room and make your space appear more open. An accent colour can help you instantly upgrade your room space, you could try adding one of our orange Arlo accent chair or loveseat to a snug corner in your kitchen, pair it with a matching lamp and plenty of greenery for an instant cool vibe without redecorating your whole room.

This could be portrayed with fun bright coloured stools to bring a welcoming, bright atmosphere to the heart of the home. Our Isobella bar stool is a playful, colourful seating option, and with six luxurious colours to choose from, you can mix up the colours of the room, and the stunning velvet diamond stitch will bring texture to your kitchen. 

If bold colours are your thing, but you’re unsure of what to style it with, you can’t go wrong with white. A classic, staple colour that finds itself in just about every home, white complements every rainbow shade. Too much white can be clinical and bland, but white paired with an accent colour is a beautiful blend of brilliance. 

Homes by the sea are typically all whitewash with a hint of blue, taking note of nautical influences, becoming an iconic interior theme, but even if you don’t have a house by the sea, pairing colours with white will give your home a fresh feel.

White kitchen counter tops give us the opportunity to bring colour to our kitchen units and can help blend colours without them looking over the top. 

Bring the outside in and go green in your kitchen. Bi-fold doors help blur the boundaries between home and garden, perfect for springtime gatherings and welcoming outdoor air. Adding greenery to your kitchen, whether it be hanging ivy on your shelf or a large Ficus tree next to your breakfast bar, plants can bring life and colour to your space. Complement them with dark green kitchen cupboards and gold hardware for a grown up look. 

Going green and adding a little nature to your home can have an earthy, calming effect on your mood, so it looks good and feels good, too!

Adding wallpaper to your kitchen is another way to incorporate colour, this technique works well in a country kitchen, and brings a little old-world charm to a kitchen interior, in particularly if its patterned, it will bring a little bit of texture to your space. Continue the theme by adding vintage furniture or farmhouse dining table to your kitchen space, just like @makingspacesnet did, below.

Credit: @makingspacesnet

A half colour wall is a new trend that is doing the interior rounds of recent, using contrasting colours like black and white creates a more sophisticated, paired back look which gives a little depth and dimension to your space, it’s a trend that works well in new build homes, adding interest to a room. 

The half colour wall works in new builds as an alternative to panelling, in kitchens, tiles can be the basis of two contrasting colours, which you can use as a guide to continue through the rest of your kitchen.

If you have an open plan kitchen diner and wanted to make the dining space a little more intimate, you could use the half wall trend to section off your dining space, creating different zones in your kitchen space.

As the most important room in the home, your kitchen space should ultimately be a space you enjoy, relax, cook, and entertain, a room that embraces you, your way of living, and a place where you want to spend time, so if colour makes you happy, be bold. If you need a calming, soothing space, then go for greens or neutrals, whatever you choose, we are here to help. We have some amazing inspiration posts from our customers on our social media channels, blogs with some top tops and tricks and a friendly team that can help you at every stage of your revamp, just give us a call!

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