Styling homes and businesses with retro pieces has seen a resurgence in recent times; using vintage furniture has become a very popular way to add a touch of personality and character to a space.

Finding vintage gems can come with a high price tag, or hours of trawling through markets and car-boot sales. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Revamping current furniture is an ideal method of bringing retro style to your home without breaking the bank or getting rid of your current furniture. Sometimes a tin of paint and some sandpaper can be your best bet.

Industrial Style Furniture

Industrial furniture has a character all of its own, that’s far from the dark stained wood of antiques or the bright upholstery of mid-century pieces. Flaking paint and exposed wood or metal can be used to make a statement in a minimalist interior, or an urban style space. Alternatively, you can make a new item look industrial for a fraction of the cost. 

After sanding, cleaning, and priming the furniture, paint on your first coat. Once it is dry, rub a candle over areas where the item would naturally distress over time, e.g. corners, edges, around the handles. When you come to paint your second coat, the paint won’t adhere to the areas that have been rubbed with wax, allowing the first coat of paint to show through. Feel free to wipe off any excess paint with a rag to increase the distressed appearance. You can repeat this method with as many layers and colours as you want until you achieve your desired result. The final touches can be done using sandpaper, and all sealed with clear wax. Head to our vintage furniture section for some inspiration.


Distressed Wooden Furniture

An effective (and stress relieving!) way of distressing wooden furniture is to add dings and scratches. A heavy chain can be a useful tool; throwing it at the wood will create elliptical dents. Random hammer marks here and there add to the worn look. You could even try placing a screw on its side and hammering it lightly against the wood or using a crowbar to create deep grooves. This technique is great for use on vintage tables.

Chalk paint is another method of achieving a distressed vintage result. Chalk paint is available in a variety of colours. After painting your item, try distressing the edges with sandpaper. You could leave it at that for a shabby chic look, or you could use waxes to further age the piece.

Vintage Style Furniture 

Ageing wood with dark waxes or wood stains is a fantastic way to create a vintage look. Staining blond woods darker gives them an antique look. For chests of drawers, changing the hardware can also have a huge effect; why not swap round knobs for brass handles? For chairs, it can be as simple as giving them a lick of paint, or even having them reupholstered in a vintage fabric. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you could take a look at our range of vintage chairs; there are always some wonderful items to be found.

If you love striking and characterful furniture, but prefer new belongings, why not browse our seating and table ranges? Peppermill Interiors have a vast collection of vintage and industrial style furniture. Many of the tables even come in various sizes or can be custom made to your requirements.

Whether you buy it or DIY it, opting for vintage furniture over new is great for reducing consumerism and making every penny go further. So, there you have it, a variety of options to add vintage character to your home!

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