How to Pick the Right Dining Chairs for Your Table

Figuring out how to pick the right dining chairs for your table can be tricky. You need something that coordinates with your table, seats the right amount of people, and ties in with your overall interior scheme, while slotting in perfectly to the available space. Thankfully, there are a few simple guidelines you can follow when it comes to pairing chairs and tables, helping you quickly narrow down your options. 

Whether you already have a table and simply want to upgrade your chairs, or you need a whole set of dining room furniture, this guide goes over everything you need to know about finding the perfect pairing. 

Do Dining Chairs Have to Match the Table?

First things first, do dining chairs need to match the table, or can you opt for a contrast? The design experts at Peppermill Interiors believe that both are possible, depending on your preferences. For a cohesive look that’s easy to pull together, a matching set makes life a little easier, with chairs that are either crafted in the same material or designed to pair perfectly with the table. However, if you want to customise the look a little, contrasting chairs can work just as well once you know how to choose the right ones.  

Always start by selecting a table to fit your space first. Find one that’s functional for your needs, whether you need long-term durability for a busy restaurant or a one-of-a-kind piece for a formal dining room. Once you have the table selected, use the guide below to decide on chairs that complement, without conforming too closely. 

Top Design Tips for Coordinated Dining Tables and Chairs 

Combine Two Materials 

A good rule of thumb to work by when deciding how to match dining tables and chairs is simply combining two different materials. This means if you have a metal table, don’t opt for plain metal chairs, otherwise, your space may feel cold and uninviting. 

One exception to this rule is when you’re pairing chairs with an oak or wooden table. When it comes to warm, natural materials like wood, you can afford a little uniformity. If you do feel the look needs softening, you can always add some soft upholstered seats, with chair legs in the same material as your table. 

Try to combine contrasting textures for visual balance. For example, the stony, organic texture of a marbled table works really well with velvety upholstered chairs, and the earthy warmth of oak looks fantastic against crisp linen fabrics. 

Take the Space Into Account

Always consider your wider interior scheme when choosing the perfect dining chairs for your table. If you have a very sleek and modern space, then a wooden set may feel too earthy. Instead, opt for a glass or metal table and soft, velvety chairs. 

Similarly, if you have a rustic home or restaurant, then a marble table may feel out of place. Look at the permanent fixtures of the room, like the flooring and wall finishes to help guide your decision. If you already have a table that matches your flooring or other elements of the space, you may want to consider chairs in a different material to bring balance to the scheme. 

Consider Functionality 

Just as with your table, it’s important to choose chairs that are practical as well as pretty. Chairs with fabric are fantastic for adding soft texture and can also be reupholstered as needed, helping extend the lifespan of your set. 

For commercial purposes, finding chairs that are durable and easy to keep clean is key. On the other hand, luxurious comfort might be more important when it comes to furnishing your own home, especially in dining rooms reserved for guests and special occasions. 

Don’t Forget About Size! 

You may think you’ve finally found the perfect dining chairs to match your table, but don’t forget to measure them first! Not all dining chairs are a standard height, so it makes sense to check yours before committing. 

They need to be the right height to work with your table, and you want to ensure they comfortably fit in the space when people are seated, and when they’re not. This is why it is recommended to choose and purchase your table first. 

Pairing Chairs with Common Table Types 

Below you will find some ready-made pairings for the most common table types, including marble, oak and glass. This can be used as a great starting point for your space. Alternatively, check some past projects by Peppermill Interiors for more visual inspiration!

Dining Chairs to Match a Glass Table 

You can think of a glass table as a sort of blank canvas when it comes to interiors. Because you can see through it, your chairs make more of a statement, and you can afford to get a little more creative. To keep the look sleek and modern, try metal chair legs with neutral upholstered seats. Alternatively, leather chairs bring a little warmth to the look, while coloured upholstery contrasts nicely with the translucent tabletop. 

Try these leather chairs with arms or introduce a pop of textured colour with these boucle chairs

Dining Chairs to Match a Marble Table 

While incredibly elegant, a marble table is at risk of appearing a little cold without the right type of chairs. Introduce soft texture while keeping the look glamorous with velvet upholstered chairs, or play on a sense of organic depth with woven rattan seating. 

For luxurious comfort, you can’t go wrong with these beautiful, French-style upholstered chairs, or these glamorous, velvet chairs

Dining Chairs to Match a Wooden Table 

Finding dining chairs to match a traditional oak or wooden table is easy when you know how. If possible, opt for a chair with legs in the same type of wood as your table, to tie the look together. Make sure the material is broken up with upholstered seats and backs, or opt for woven details for something a little less high maintenance. 

These linen upholstered chairs are a great choice for a cosy rustic look, while these rattan seated chairs are functional and timelessly chic. 

Match Dining Chairs and Tables with the Help of an Expert 

Still not sure how to find the right dining chairs for your table? Why not speak to one of the design experts here at Peppermill Interiors? They will be more than happy to talk you through the best options for your space and select stylish chairs to suit your table or explore other options such as benches and bespoke seating

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