The interior design world is moving away from the traditional idea that everything must be matching. The rigid rulebook about fabrics and metals being the same colour, or all your furniture having to be from the same range has been thrown out. 

After all, we don’t follow these rules in our wardrobe, so why do we feel like our interior is any different? Our homes, just like our clothing, are an extension of our personalities. Learn how to create a modern dining room design with our mix and match tips.

Starting with versatile pieces
An easy place to start is with affordable and versatile pieces, like chairs. These can be used in almost every room of your home and despite their labels, are always multi-functional. Our latest collections of ‘dining’ chairs lend themselves perfectly to this notion. 
They are all available in a carefully curated array of colours and finishes that would all work together. This is fantastic as it means you no longer must choose only one type of metal or one beautiful jewel-coloured velvet; you can now choose exactly what you enjoy and create a space that reflects your personality.
As well as diversity, affordability is a key factor when considering purchasing any new furniture pieces. Therefore, the mismatched style is perfect. You can transform a tired-looking space into a new world of spectacular design without having to buy an entirely new set of matching furniture. 
Our new collections can be purchased individually, or some come as a pair. You are never obliged to purchase large amounts of the same item which makes this trend easy to achieve when shopping at Peppermill!

How to use the ‘through line’
You do not need to be afraid of combining different chairs together, it is not hard, and can give your dining room an instant stylish twist with minimal effort. Simply adding one or two additional pieces in a new and bold colour, pattern or material can elevate any interior. 
The trick to getting it right is to have one ‘through line’ – this could be using the same fabric but in different colours, or the same colours but in different materials. If there is one consistent element within the furniture, then it will work!
All the chairs in our new collections can be effortlessly mixed and matched between themselves and with each other.

Our Favourite Dining Chairs
The ‘Monroe’ Velvet Dining chair comes in four elegant colours; Black, Pine Green, Cool Grey and Ocean Teal. It also has beautifully stitched back and seat pads in a diamond formation and a striking, gold ski legged frame. This chair is available to purchase as a pair which makes it ideal to bring an element of consistency into your scheme straight away.

The ‘Yasmin’ Velvet Dining chair is also available to purchase as a pair, and this not only comes in three plain velvets but also three complimentary florals. This collection enables you to keep the colours consistent whilst bringing a bold and daring pattern to your table.

The ‘Isobella’ Velvet Dining chair is available in six magical, jewel-inspired colours; Topaz, Moonstone Grey, Garnet Red, Aquamarine, Jade Green and Sapphire Blue. These all sit perfectly together and as they are available for individual purchase it would be easy to create a bold statement with maximum impact because the ‘through line’ is easy to achieve.

While the ‘Monroe’, ‘Yasmin’ and ‘Isobella’ could be mismatched together, with the ‘through line’ being their velvet upholstery, if you’re brave enough you could consider changing up the materials with your chairs. 
The ‘Luxor’ Wood and Metal Stacking chair could be a hard and industrial contrast to the soft velvets and create an impactful juxtaposition in your scheme. The ‘through line’ could be achieved through colour; the ‘Luxor’ is available in eight bold and primary colours that could complement  many of the chairs in our other collections; Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Yellow, Gunmetal, Black, White & Red. Of course, the ‘Luxor’ can also be mismatched in the same way as the ‘Isobella’, purely using one of each colour to create a simpler, but still impactful rainbow effect around the table!

Whether you’re looking for mix and match furniture for your bar or restaurant, or not sure which style of seating to choose for your living room, we can help. Contact our expert team if you’re in need of some inspiration, or take a look at our brand new furniture items or our vintage collection

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