As we look forward to the Spring and Summer months of 2020, we are seeing a growing trend of decorating our outdoor spaces to the same standard as our interiors. With our increasing desire for a slower, quieter lifestyle, and a focus on mindfulness and well being, we start to see people spend more time outside. The emerging trend for Biophilic design is becoming ever present in many spaces, and we see the outdoors becoming additional living and social areas, more so than ever before.

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Find Your Outdoor Inspiration

Where to start? When designing your outdoor space, consider the same elements you would in any interior. Think about the walk throughs and sunspots, placement of family and guests and consider the atmosphere you want to create through your design. Once you have decided what you love and what you don’t love along with how you want your garden or outdoor space to feel you should create a mood board. This should be full of inspiring images that represent what you want to create. We love to use Pinterest and have created a board called Outdoor Living to get you started if you are in need of some inspiration!

Product: Ceramic Top Tables

Outdoor Accessories

Our interiors generally have a nod to our personality and are full of what makes us feel at home. This needs to be reflected in your exteriors too – it is an extension of your home so should flow and have the same feel and character. We suggest bringing soft furnishings into your outdoor space such as rugs and cushions to create a familiar and soft atmosphere. Alongside this, accessorising is key! Think along the same lines as your interiors scheme, use candles, portable lighting, outdoor rugs and always include some fun and random accessories that reflect your personality! We think adding vintage pieces can add character and a story to your garden.

Our huge collection of handpicked vintage decorative items has many quirky pieces from an exotic array of backgrounds. There is everything from an Indian Rickshaw Cart that would create a bright, novelty focal point to an outdoor space, to our galvanised beer baths – perfect to be used as planters or to hold the drinks at a party!

Whether for commercial or domestic use, if you want to create a space for fun conversations and opportunities for guests to take photos for their Instagram feed then look to our curation of Vintage Decorative pieces.

Product: Vintage Galvanised Beer Baths

Alfresco Dining

Why sit inside, when you can soak up the rays and enjoy all that barbecue season has to offer? Your outdoor space could feel like a second dining room with festoons of climbing plants and enchanting mirrors framing a beautiful dining setting. If you want to create a focal point for your alfresco dining, our Ceramic Top Tables with quirky mosaic tile top design in monochrome or classic multicolour are perfect. They have a traditional Moroccan feel to them, which we love - especially the classic multicoloured tile tops. The monochrome version brings a chic, minimalist feel to an otherwise traditional style. This is a piece that would look great in your outdoor space yet could be brought inside and blend seamlessly into your interior dining area.

Product: Ceramic Top Tables

Outdoor City Living

As more people are moving into cities, it often means a smaller living space. This can sometimes mean a small garden or no garden at all. Perhaps a communal courtyard, rooftop or balcony. This is where the needs for furniture that is portable and can be easily stored is crucial. See our huge range of stackable chairs such as the Dartmouth Stackable Chairs or the Summer Outdoor Chair that are available in many funky colours. Why not take a look at our outdoor furniture range? Our Foldable Dining Table with matching chairs are practical outdoor furniture solutions.

Product:  Summer Outdoor Chair


Along with style and comfort, when designing an outdoor space, our initial thoughts centre around durability. With the current focus around sustainability and eco-conscious living it is very important that the pieces we purchase are going to last us a long time. Therefore, we pride ourselves in ensuring that the metal used in our outdoor furniture is always galvanised and/or powder coated to protect it from rusting, making it suitable for all weather exposure. We also use an exterior oil on most of our wooden pieces to protect and extend their life.

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