2020 has certainly been a challenging year for businesses. Adapting to the new normal is crucial for business survival and consumer confidence. With a few logistical changes to your business’ interior,you can easily become ‘Covid-Safe’. Read on to hear how Peppermill Interiors’ commercial furniture can help you obey Government social distancing rules to keep your customers and employees safe while you get your business running smoothly again. 

Take Your Business Outside

Social distancing is now the norm, thus businesses must ensure customers are seated at a safe distance from one another. This significantly reduces the numbers of customers you can seat or accommodate in your business. Now we are entering the Summer season, it makes sense to increase the number of customer bookings you can accommodate, under social distance guidelines, with sourcing more outdoor furniture. Products such as our Summer Outdoor Chair Range and our extensive range of Restaurant Tables offer a perfect solution. The Summer Outdoor Chair for example, can wipe clean and are easy to store in the colder months, since they are stackable and comfortable for guests to sit on. Our Copper Restaurant Table can also help expand your outdoor dining space, by being placed outside during trading hours, 2 metres apart and are easy to wipe clean, helping to adhere to social distancing. Visit our outdoor furniture range on our website to view possible options for your business.

Photo Credit: The Lodge Duxford

Product: Summer Outdoor Chair Range

Divide and Conquer 

To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, it is mandatory to have screen dividers between tables, especially in eating establishments. This does not need to be a hassle for your business. Peppermill’s Window Room Divider can be installed between tables to reduce the spread of germs. It helps keep your customers safe while looking stylish, ensuring there is no compromise to your interior design or customer experience. 

Photo Credit: Peppermill Interiors

Product: Window Room Divider 

Alter Your Layout

Maintaining social distancing is very important for your business, therefore you may need to install a one way system and smaller tables. Alongside this we suggest you provide multiple anti-bacterial stations across your establishment with our Foot Operated Sanitiser Station. This station is free standing, hands-free and can be fitted with hand sanitising bottles. The unit also includes a small notice board which you could display critical Covid-Safe information on for your guests around your business.

Photo Credit: Peppermill Interiors 

Product: Foot Operated Sanitiser Station

Introduce More Signs

With so many new measures required as a result of Coronavirus, such as only providing table service, 2m floor distance reminder stickers, screen dividers and the installation of one way systems, it is easy for customers and employees to get overwhelmed. To help your workforce and customers remember all these restrictions, we recommend lots of signage throughout your business. This does not mean the signs have to be ugly, there are plenty of aesthetically pleasing options such as Chalkboards, Frames and Mirrors which can have important notices written on with chalk pen or marker pen. Shop now in our decorative accessories department for inspiration. 

Photo Credit: Warmly

Product: Chalkboard Restaurant Sign

If you’re looking for commercial furniture, such as bar and restaurant furniture, we stock a wide range of  products on our website. Have a browse through our new stock to see all of the latest additions that can help you adapt to the new normal! If you have any queries, please contact us on 01543 375 872 or email us at

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