Storage Solutions For The Modern Home

Over time we accumulate more items in our households than we have the space for. We then have to choose between moving or finding savvy storage solutions for the space that we have. Scroll down to take a look at our solutions to this dilemma.

Make Use Of All the Drawers!

The key to savvy storage is to find pieces that give you as much space as possible. Above, @jessicalucyparker has used the top of our Industrial Style Multi Drawer unit to show off all of her decorations and still has the space of eighteen drawers to store the items she does not want on show.  Our unit has a drawer for everything, so then no need to have that cluttered drawer in the kitchen or sideboard that none of us would like to admit to!

Show Off What You've Got

Although concealing items is the first thing that comes to mind when finding storage solutions, sometimes it’s best to show off what you’ve got! These Reclaimed Timber Ladder Back Shelves can be used to highlight items in a room and create a display that really catches your eye. Whether that be the be the collection of your favorite books or your child’s football trophy that they have won for the first time. Items such as these ladder storage shelves only take up small amounts of space in our homes yet allow us to maximize the storage that we have. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Make Use of Void Space

Under-bed storage is also a great way to make use of a void space in your home. It’s an area that we do not initially think of when sourcing storage space, however, it is space that can go to waste when not in use. As well as under-bed storage, there is a range of options that you can choose to maximise your storage space, from trolleys on wheels to plastic storage boxes that are cheap to buy, these will allow you to make sure you utilise the space but also keep the area neat and tidy too!

Go Vertical 

Fixed wall shelving is also a great way to get items up high, off countertops and out of cupboards. Take our solid oak wine racks as an example of this, they have room to store your bottles of wine and wine glasses, which is great to have a nice feature to have in your kitchen or home bar, and gives you a bit of extra cupboard space.

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Hang Up Those Pots and Pans 

Just like using wall space for wine glasses hanging pots and pans in your kitchen as a feature is a great way to create space in your home. Racks along beams and above the breakfast bar all make a fantastic look. By using hooks you can create even more space in your cupboards for the things that you really want to hide away, let’s face it we can spend a lot on our pots and pans why not let people see what you’ve got!

There are lots of unique ways to add additional storage to your home, you just need see what works best for your home and style. Some people love to show the items that they have whilst others like to find ways of tidying them away. Here at Peppermill we have lots of unique storage solutions for everyone, take a look at our storage section on our website to see what works for you. 

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