Sustainability and Natural Materials

The climate crisis has brought a greater need for everyone on this planet to live more sustainably. Furniture waste is a big problem in the UK, with around 1.6 million tonnes of furniture either being buried in landfill or burnt in an incinerator every year. 

Peppermill is passionate not just about sustainability, but also reducing furniture waste. In our vintage furniture collection, we stock not just vintage coffee tables, but also cabinets, cupboards and much more. You can turn a once tired piece of furniture by giving it a new lease of life, thus saving it from being buried or incinerated.

If you’re looking to give your home decor a much needed update, we have some upcycled furniture ideas that you can incorporate into your humble abode.

Peppermill and Sustainable furniture

Sustainable furniture is something we’ve led the way in at Peppermill, over the past couple of  years. We’re big believers in utilising the natural materials we already have to create furniture from recycled materials, in particular in our range of bespoke tables.

We’ve used waste and recycled materials, such as plastic and steel to create environmentally friendly furniture. Our eco-friendly chairs and eco-friendly bar stools are made in the UK and have a lower carbon footprint compared to buying imported furniture. Our team is still working on expanding our range of sustainable furniture to go beyond chairs and bar stools.

Why you should buy upcycled or vintage furniture

Buying upcycled or vintage furniture is a fantastic alternative to buying a new filing cabinet or coffee table for your living room. If you find yourself pressed for time while working on an upcycling project, you can buy upcycled furniture that’s already been assembled for you.

The biggest benefit of buying upcycled or vintage furniture is that it helps the environment. By buying that type of furniture, it prevents it going into landfill. It also means that the furniture waste is not disposed of improperly, which can cause soil, water and air pollution.

While we could list so many benefits of buying sustainable vintage and upcycled furniture, we’ve listed a few reasons to buy this type of furniture.

Conserves natural resources

If you buy upcycled or vintage furniture, it avoids the need to buy a new coffee table or filing cabinet that uses more natural resources. It means that it eliminates the need for using more natural materials to produce new pieces of furniture. By buying vintage or upcycled furniture, less trees need to be cut down, thus preventing deforestation.

You save money on buying furniture

Modern-style furniture can cost more money. By buying or restoring vintage or upcycled furniture, it means that you can give an old table or chair a new lease of life without breaking the bank on updating your home decor. It means that you can buy a vintage or restored desk at a fraction of the cost of a new piece of furniture.

Upcycled furniture ideas for your home

Whether you’re new or experienced in upcycling furniture, it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re looking to give your bedroom or living room a bit of a refresh, it’s worth turning once dated furniture you already have and giving it a much needed makeover.

There are plenty of upcycled furniture ideas that you can incorporate beyond giving it a coat of paint. We’ve listed a few that will help with your next DIY project so that you can get more life out of the furniture you already have.

Utilise colour and patterns to update old furniture

If you’ve got old furniture lying around your home, it can be easy to neglect them as you’ve replaced them for more modern tables and chairs. Rather than leave the furniture unloved, you can give it an update by utilising colour and patterns to give them a new lease of life.

Rather than keep our Vintage Dark Burgundy Plywood Stacking Chairs in one colour, you can add some patterns to it. By adding some personality to the chairs, it’ll give them a new look that makes them stand out among other pieces of furniture in your home.

Make the dining table the focal point of the dining room

When it comes to furniture ideas to upcycle, the dining table is a great place to start if you’re new to upcycling furniture. Our Vintage Height Adjustable Cast Iron Dining Table is not only adjustable, but there are things that you can do to update the table’s style.

You can keep the top of the table unpainted, while painting the stand in a different colour to make it stand out. It means that any wear and tear on the table is not visible due to the stand being painted while also giving the piece of furniture a much needed update.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas incorporating sustainable, upcycled furniture into your home. Not only will you save the environment, but you will give tired pieces of furniture a makeover so they can be the centrepiece of any room. Have a look at our vintage range on our website and stay updated on our growing sustainable furniture product line via our blog.

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