Do you rent a London flat? Have a small, ½ bedroom house in Oxford, or a small city restaurant? Peppermill Interiors can help you furnish it!

With a vast amount of smaller properties becoming available to house the ever-growing population, and even more people than ever living alone, making the most of every bit of space in your home or commercial space is essential! 

Read on to explore the best furniture options for your compact home or business and learn how to make your smaller-scale space the best it can possibly be.

Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

In congested spaces, it is crucial to include pieces that have more than one purpose. This helps with both the storage and practicality of a room. For example, the Valance Velvet Blanket Box could be used as additional storage at the foot of a bed, where you can store your bed linen if you have no under bed storage.  Alternatively, it can also be used in a living room, hallway or business as extra storage and also doubles up as additional seating if you need somewhere to seat additional customers or guests at parties and get togethers. 

Product: Valance Velvet Blanket Box 

Kitchen Storage 

The Kitchen is perhaps one of the hardest rooms in a home or business to find enough space for all of your utensils, pots, pans and other kitchen equipment. Therefore,  it is important to organise the space in your domestic or commercial kitchen the best you possibly can to maximise space and functionality.  

If you are in need of more counter space as well as storage, you could consider working some old Cotswold charm into your interior with some of our bespoke kitchen units. The beauty of furniture like the ‘Glastonbury’ and the ‘Harvington’, is that they can be made in various sizes to suit your needs. In addition to this, they can be painted in any Farrow & Ball colour to match your existing interior colour scheme. Our personal favourites are Wimborne White or Slipper Satin as they can give the room extra light, making it bright and airy and opening up the space visually. 

Peppermill has a number of different kitchen unit options, for both homes and businesses, so there is sure to be something that suits plenty of interior styles.

Product: ‘Harvington’ Sideboard

Open Plan Space Ideas

Open plan spaces may seem like a fantastic idea for those who don’t have much space, but the truth is, they’re even trickier to furnish with more floor space and less wall space! 

If you do have an open plan living space or business layout, you could get away with using slightly larger items like the Bespoke Oak Top Butcher’s Block Sideboard. This piece could be used as a room divider to separate your space while also using it as extra chopping and cupboard space if your kitchen is lacking  built in cupboards. 

Product: Bespoke Oak Top Butcher’s Block Sideboard

If your open plan space is super-compact, you could consider installing some shelving units, which can be setup in your kitchen zone to store the tableware and glassware you would usually keep in the pantry.

Display our Rustic Wine Rack in your open plan room to bring rustic-industrial charm into your interior. The shelving unit features a bottle rack and glass holders as well as two shelves and two drawers. This would be perfect in a bar or restaurant to showcase the wine menu on offer. In home settings, you could utilise this fantastic piece of furniture for all of your letters and paperwork that doesn’t really have a home  - turn the shelves into that one compulsory messy drawer!

Product: Rustic Wine Rack

Small Tables, Large Cupboards

Still struggling with your storage space? Opt for a smaller table to make room for larger cupboards that can be used as storage for your bits and pieces. Cupboards and cabinets can be incredibly handy to store all manner of smaller items, regardless of whatever space you have available to fit a cabinet in, Peppermill has a huge range of cabinets and cupboards to choose from. Additionally, Peppermill Interiors have an abundance of small 70x70 tables, perfect for not only small domestic kitchen areas, but also bars and restaurants. The Porcelain Marble and Aged Brass Copper Edged Table is perfect for small bistros and cafes who have to work with a small space, but will give a contemporary, domestic kitchen a twist of luxury. 

If you indoor floor plan is limited, you could even expand your floor plan by going outdoors. Placing some small tables outdoors for the night, such as the Terrazzo Dining Table, means you will have more floor space to play with, socialise in and accommodate more customers or guests, especially in good weather. Peppermill Interiors’ range of outdoor furniture could be the perfect solution. 

Product: Porcelain Marble Table

Peppermill Interiors have an extensive range of unique space saving furniture and decor options, therefore we always have the perfect buy in our selection. Take a look at our new stock to see all of the latest additions! If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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