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How to Create a Reclaimed Home Full of Character and Charm using Vintage Items!

Creating a reclaimed home using vintage items does not have to be complicated. Charm and character can come from the most unexpected upcycled items and for every vintage statement you add, the more unique and full of personality your home will be!

Here are vintage products from Peppermill Interiors you can use to create a home that is not only alluring and full of character, but also echoes a sense of history and sustainable living.

Upcycled Sideboards, Cupboards & Consoles

The charm of a home lies not just in its aesthetic, but also in the history of its furniture. A perfect example of effortless charm and history is the Industrial Style Kitchen Sideboard with Drawers. It emphasises rustic allure with its original green distressed paintwork and robust metal accents. Crafted with ample storage and a sizable work surface, this sideboard discreetly combines practicality and vintage charm.

The slight imperfections in the piece only serve to accentuate its authenticity and would seamlessly fit in any farmhouse-style kitchen or pantry.

For interiors that are in need of a larger storage solution, the Industrial Style Kitchen Console Sideboard exudes the same industrial farmhouse style. The sideboard boasts original distressed green paintwork that invites a charming vintage touch, coupled with three drawers and cupboards, and six spacious shelves for abundant storage options.

This salvaged masterpiece can infuse an element of uniqueness and character into any kitchen or pantry space!

Timeless Dining Set Ups

To emphasise the chic yet rustic aesthetic of salvaged materials, Chapel Chairs create a timeless look, full of charm.

You can achieve this look through modern versions of the style such as the Solid Oak Chapel Chair Range as pictured or opt for Vintage Chapel Chairs such as the Light Edwardian Chapel Chairs that successfully capture the serenity and mystic charm of an aged, lived-in home. Each over a century old, these chairs boast their own historical tales, manifested in their unique imperfections.

Vintage Accessories 

Adding a large, robust, and eye-catching feature with a vintage cast iron mirror, will give your kitchen or outdoor space edgy character, whilst embracing charm and vintage-inspired themes.

The slight wear on the iron speaks volumes of their rustic charm and vintage authenticity, ready to complement various interior or exterior styles.

Remember, salvaging is not only about aesthetics but also about longevity and resilience, as embodied by these cast iron mirrors.

Shopping with Peppermill Interiors

Shop Peppermill Interiors' unique vintage furniture today as there is a Massive Vintage Sale live right now! 

Peppermill Interiors explores beyond traditional interior designs and are dedicated in sourcing the perfect reclaimed and repurposed items for your home!

With knowledgeable designers on hand to guide you through the best options for your reclaimed home, you’ll find everything from upcycled sideboards to timeless dining set ups to create your characterful dream home!

Browse Peppermill Interiors’ range of Vintage Furniture here.

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