What Garden Furniture Can Be Left Outside?

Wondering about leaving your garden furniture outside? Whether you are lacking in storage space or simply dislike the hassle of moving it all the time, investing in quality outdoor furniture is the ideal solution.

Metal: Especially cast aluminium, cast iron, and treated steel.

Certain Types of Wood: Teak is the gold standard when it comes to natural resilience.

Glass: Opt for tempered glass for reinforced strength.

Resin: Gaining in popularity, resin is a highly weatherproof synthetic wicker.

Composite: This material blends resin and wood for timeless durability without splintering.

Premium Synthetic Rattan: Look for UV-resistant furniture with durable frames.

However, not all garden furniture can be left outside all year. Choosing something with a high level of weather resistance is key in ensuring your set withstands the elements without ageing prematurely. Certain materials stand up to the weathering of all four seasons better than others. 

The best garden furniture to leave outside is typically made of the following materials: 

The British Weather Challenge

Here in the UK, we are exposed to a vast range of different weather conditions, from the frost-bitten days of winter to the storms of autumn and the strong rays of summer sunshine. This can make choosing outdoor garden furniture particularly challenging. 

You need something which is highly resistant to rust and water damage, with some built-in UV protection to prevent premature fading. Considering all of these elements when shopping will ensure you select garden furniture that can be left outside all year, for many years to come. 

Delving Deeper: Garden Furniture Materials

In this guide, we will discover the key benefits of the materials listed above to see which one might be right for your space. 

Rattan (Premium Synthetic)

Rattan offers a timeless look for your outdoor space, but natural wicker struggles to stand up to heavy wind and rain. Premium synthetic rattan is an excellent alternative, offering the luxury look you crave with enhanced weatherproofing and durability. 

Luxury synthetic rattan is barely distinguishable from its organic counterpart and is usually made from polyethylene and specially designed with built-in UV and water resistance. 

Metal Furniture

Perfect for sleek, modern spaces, metal furniture usually has a slimmer profile that looks great in spaces large and small. However, if not treated properly, metal furniture can be susceptible to rust after a few rainy seasons. 

To combat this issue, cast aluminium sets are made from specially processed metals with natural corrosion resistance. Some are then powder-coated as an extra defence against wind, like this lightweight, stackable aluminium set. In addition, you should always cover your furniture when not in use for the best protection against weather damage. 

If you prefer the more industrial look of steel, this can also be treated in the same way so that you can reliably leave your garden furniture outside without worrying about premature rusting. 

Wood Furniture 

If you love the earthy look of wood in your outdoor space, you do not have to sacrifice durability. Teak has a higher oil content than most woods, which makes it impervious to rain and unlikely to rot.

It is a self-regulating material, which means that, unlike metal and plastic, it will not get too hot in summer or too cold in winter. It is easy to clean, maintain, and protect with the help of some simple DIY products and a furniture cover for the winter months.

Teak is also considered a more sustainable choice, especially when you opt for something made from reclaimed wood like this smart, eco-friendly outdoor dining table

Glass Furniture

Glass tables may look elegant and therefore delicate, but looks can be deceiving. Ideal for a high-end outdoor space, tempered glass is toughened by temperature during the production process, leaving it far stronger and more shatter-resistant than usual. This is essential for outdoor spaces where the environment is unpredictable.

Completely waterproof, tempered glass tables are also easy to keep clean with a simple wipe down after a shower, allowing you to keep your garden furniture outside whatever the weather. 

Resin Furniture

Relatively new to the scene, resin is another form of synthetic wicker, designed for maximum UV and weather resistance. It is made from extremely strong and durable fibres dyed with UV-resistant colours, ensuring your furniture is less likely to fade or warp when left in strong sunlight. 

Resin wicker has lightweight fibres that are easy to rinse when needed. It comes in a wide variety of colours, often carefully designed to replicate natural fibres. 


Composite wood is fast becoming a staple in many outdoor areas thanks to its natural look and robust longevity. Composite garden furniture can be left outside no matter the time of year, because it is engineered specifically to resist damage caused by the elements, from rain and snow to UV rays. 

It will not warp or swell like traditional timber, while the reinforcement of resin prevents mould or rot from taking hold. It is also very lightweight, making it an incredibly versatile choice for homes and businesses. 

High vs. Low-Quality Garden Furniture

When searching for the best outside garden furniture, looking for something that is high quality offers the best chance of longevity. Every piece of garden furniture is technically suitable for outdoor use, but the level of quality will determine how long a piece lasts in reality.

Generally, high-quality garden furniture sits even and level on the floor, while low-quality furniture is more likely to wobble. You should be able to easily see or find out what material the furniture is made from – any of the materials included in this guide are generally considered good quality. You should also pay attention to the workmanship, checking the joints and keeping an eye out for imperfections before you make a purchase. 

Many high-quality items will come with a long-term guarantee or warranty, which gives you the ultimate peace of mind that your garden furniture can be left outside without too much worry.

Where Should You Shop For Garden Furniture?

When searching for quality outside garden furniture, the best thing to do is to stay away from mass-produced flat-pack brands where possible. 

Instead try to choose a reputable, independent brand specialising in quality furniture. You can always ask for recommendations on the best outdoor furniture to suit your needs.

Shopping With Peppermill Interiors

As a high-end British brand specialising in garden furniture for both residential and commercial use, Peppermill Interiors offers a wide range of choices with an emphasis on durability. 

You will find everything from stylish aluminium sets to hard-wearing teak tabletops, with knowledgeable designers on hand to guide you through the best options for your space. 

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