Bespoke furniture is custom-made furniture that is made to your requirements. It is made specifically based on how you want to use it and how you want it to look.

Why choose bespoke furniture?

Bespoke furniture is a piece of furniture created for you, making it unique to your home or business. The bespoke dining tables made at Peppermill Interiors are often made using reclaimed wood, adding another layer of individuality to your piece.

Created by experts, using high quality materials and techniques, bespoke furniture is built to last. The longevity of a bespoke piece of furniture means that it provides excellent value for money over the years.

As it is created specifically for you, you have more say over how it will look, too. At Peppermill Interiors, the bespoke products are made to your dimension requirements, making it the perfect fit for your space. You can also choose what colour the item is painted or oiled, and may even be able to choose finer details such as whether or not to have cleated ends on your dining table, or carved details in your settle.

When is bespoke furniture the right choice?

Whilst it will never be a bad choice, bespoke furniture is especially useful for those who have an unusual space or specific dimensions. Having something made to your requirements means that you don’t have to worry about your furniture looking too big or small for your space; something tailored to your space is always going to fit just right. Think about a nice tailored suit – it may be a bit more expensive than one from the shop floor, but it will look and feel 100 times better, and you feel better about the money spent because you know that quality craftsmanship has gone into it.

Bespoke furniture is also a great choice for those who have a penchant for the individual or unique, or want something customised for them. At Peppermill Interiors, we have expert craftsmen on-site, as well as third parties who we use to create some bespoke pieces. If you have an idea for a piece of furniture, you can come to us with a rough sketch and we will bring your idea to life.

If you wish to order a bespoke piece of furniture, please email with your specifications. Alternatively, browse our website; we have many tables, benches and settles that can be made to your requirements.

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