Winter Interior Design Ideas

With Christmas on its way and the temperatures decreasing, we know winter has truly arrived. Peppermill Interiors have collated their top winter interior design ideas for a warm and cosy home. Read on to discover how to transform your home into the perfect wintery escape, including the best dining tables, seating options and vintage furniture

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1.    Introduce rustic wood into your interior

To create that ski lodge ‘cosy’ feel we recommend introducing rustic wood into your interior, from wood panelling, wooden flooring to wooden dining furniture. Wood is a great material to bring the outdoors in and delivers a natural calm atmosphere to any room. One of Peppermill’s best-selling flooring options that would create the desired warm feel is the Chevron Reclaimed Pine Flooring. The flooring is eco-friendly as it is made from 100% recycled material. The panels ooze the characteristics of old and original flooring and are easy to fit with each panel being 1m squared, as well as featuring a waterproof coating to its base.


Product: Chevron Reclaimed Pine Flooring 

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Dining Tables are another easy way to include rustic wood into your winter interior design. Peppermill sells numerous wooden dining tables for you to choose from. For example, the Saxton Reclaimed Pine Dining Table. This farmhouse table features a beautiful French style parquet pattern table top, placed on top of a regal pedestal base. This table would be ideal for celebrations and large families since it can easily seat 10 people.


Product: Saxton Reclaimed Pine Dining Table

2.    Decorate your fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home, it is crucial you capitalise on its potential with the best selection of décor to help make it a focal point for your winter interior design. A roaring fire is synonymous with Winter, so making your fireplace the best it can be will help achieve that cosy wintertime atmosphere. Placing a statement mirror or piece of art above your fireplace will perfectly frame the area. Decorative items such as candles, plants, fairy lights and books would be great to add to the mantle to add interest and depth to your fireplace. Peppermill Interiors sell a wide range of decorative accessories, in addition to unique vintage antique pieces.

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3.    Embrace Cosy Lighting

Lighting is ever so powerful in creating a cosy ambience in a space. Lower level lighting and warm orange hues create an intimate atmosphere that triggers the feeling of relaxation. Try and choose soft light options that diffuse around the room and prevent any harsh shadows. Peppermill’s Tess Pendant Light Range would be an ideal option, with its warm light hue and quirky shaped glass shades that would hang so beautifully over a dining room table or double heighted hallway.

 Product: Tess Pendant Light Range

4.    Consider Rich Velvets

Velvets add a feel of luxury and softness to an interior. It is a material we highly recommend for dining chairs in winter-focused interior designs. Peppermill has a huge range of velvet dining chairs to choose from, ranging from the retro style Pair of Lowry Velvet Dining Chairs to the French Button Back Brittany Velvet Chairs to the modern diamond stitched Pair of Bronte Velvet Dining Chairs.


Product: Pair of Bronte Velvet Dining Chairs.

If you would like to make your home feel warm and cosy this winter and would like some assistance from the interior team at Peppermill, please do contact us on 01543 375872 or email us at 

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