Working from home is now fast becoming a reality for most of us who are having to self-isolate. Whilst it’s important to be productive and to stay focused, working from home can be increasingly difficult for those who don’t necessarily have a dedicated office space, and have to resort to setting up computers on breakfast bars or using their laps as desks! Below we have crafted some ideas for those who want something practical yet inspiring to spruce up their office space.

1.  Create a multifunctional desk

Don’t have a dedicated room for your office? Make your desk do double duty and use it as a multipurpose surface just like @deecampling did. Dee used her dining table as a space to work. The beauty of this idea is you can utilise your dining table or your kitchen island’s space and really spread out, just make sure your space isn’t too cluttered and you have a comfy chair or stool to sit on!


Photo credit: @deecampling

Product: Large Tapered Leg Dining Table with a Zinc Top


2. Create a space saving desk

Sometimes it can be really difficult to create an office environment, especially in a central flat or apartment. Living in a smaller space means you need to think about the practicality of the furniture you’re adding to your space. This Large Shelving Cabinet could have the answer to all of your home office problems, it is an edgy, stylish statement piece, but can be used to store files and other mandatory desk essentials you might need when working from home. The fold out shelf makes a brilliant desk, which you can easily fold away when not in use.



3. Keep to the minimalist trend

Tidy desk, tidy mind. The key to keeping proactive when working from home is to keep your space clean and tidy. Get rid of any unnecessary paperwork and keep your desk organised. Declutter your walls and keep to a minimalist interior scheme, using neutral colours and sharp crisp lines to accentuate this modern trend. Less detailing means less distraction! Of course, don’t hold back on adding a plant or the odd piece of wall art to keep you inspired, but having a clear desk and a comfy chair will only improve your concentration.


Photo Credit: @corsetsandcreations

Product: Bentwood Dining Chair


4. Add some greenery

The biophilic design trend is huge right now. There is nothing more uninspiring than being cooped up indoors, so why not bring a touch of the outdoors inside? This styling technique is especially for all you creatives out there that can’t bear to stare at four empty walls and need a little distraction to get those creative juices flowing. Don’t overload on the plantation though, the last thing you need is branches hitting you over the head and soil getting scattered across your desk. @hoppshouse has achieved the perfect balance in this fantastic home office. A clean, minimal space with just the right amount of shrubbery dotted here and there to add a touch of nature to an industrial setting.


Photo Credit: @hoppshouse

Product: Tan Leather Arlington Dining Chair


5. Create an Art Deco inspired office space

For those who wish to completely renovate their office spaces, why not consider an Art Deco inspired office? Influenced by the sophisticated glamour of the 1930s, this type of luxe home office would suit all of the executives out there! Soft supple leathers, chestnut wood and chrome detailing are all adding to the rich colours and geometric lines of the signature art deco style. This sleek furniture would add style and class to any interior space.


Products: Jackson Leather Desk and Chair Set , Carter Leather Swivel Chair, Truman Coffee Table


Remember to be clutter free, take regular breaks and stick to a strict schedule if you’re working from home.

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