Contemporary, modern and traditional furniture

Contemporary, modern and traditional furniture

Contemporary versus traditional furniture

It is actually fine to mix both styles and themes. We can create an individual style to any room in our homes when this furniture is mixed. It's all about furnishing our home with our personal style. Having a traditional and classical theme mixed with a more modern or contemporary look for our home is a great idea.

Oak has a wonderful warm ambience which adds charm to any interior and can complement the most contemporary of designs.  Leather armchairs are always a favourite and never look out of place when mixed with wood, steel or suede. Tables are available with original oak tops but with painted bases adding a wonderful mix of both.

Pine can be stripped and left plain or waxed for an authentic ‘farmhouse’ feel and can look superb with all natural colours which are so popular today.

Whatever you choose a mix of antique, vintage and modern can add an individual appearance to any home.

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