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industrial metal cage lights

Industrial Metal Cage Lights

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Don’t miss out on these unique, repurposed cage lights.

Originally used as plywood moulds in a factory, each light has a unique style, size and appearance.

This is a really quirky collection of industrial interior lighting, which would suit any bar, restaurant, cafe or retail store.

Our in-house electricians convert these metal moulds to order, fitting them with internal components to transform them into wall lights. Two of the lights pictured (light 3 and light 4) have been converted for illustrative purposes.

Each cage light is a feature in itself – a great way to add decoration to an otherwise simple interior. Why not purchase a few? The lights really complement each other and would look great mounted on a large, blank wall.

As these lights are converted when your order is placed, there will be a lead time of around two to three weeks. The lights are bulky and will therefore need to be delivered via courier; however, you are also welcome to collect from our showroom.

The price is for one light, and this does not include the E27 bulbs.

Please see the full range of photographs in the gallery, and let us know your preferred number when ordering. See below for corresponding dimensions.

Light 1 – H: 102cm  W: 49cm  D: 14cm SOLD

Light 2 – H: 160cm  W: 57cm  D: 25cm SOLD

Light 3 – H: 62cm  W: 102cm  D: 25cm

Light 4 – H: 64cm  W: 71cm  D: 24cm

Light 5 – H: 72cm  W: 73cm  D: 19cm

Light 6 – H: 130cm  W: 50cm  D: 19cm

Light 7 – H: 130cm  W: 52cm  D: 18cm

Light 8 – H: 156cm  W: 76cm D: 11cm

Light 9 – H: 157cm  W: 90cm  D: 14cm

Light 10 – H: 155cm  W: 51cm  D: 12cm

Light 11 – H: 160cm  W: 35cm  D: 14cm

Light 12 – H: 156cm  W: 57cm  D: 12cm

Light 13 – H: 158cm  W: 58cm  D: 13cm

Light 14 – H: 152cm  W: 51cm  D: 12cm

Light 15 – H: 152cm  W: 51cm  D: 13cm

Light 16 – H: 153cm  W: 63cm  D: 15cm

Light 17 – H: 157cm  W: 76cm  D: 14cm

Light 18 – H: 163cm  W: 73cm  D: 7cm

Light 19 – H: 156cm  W: 76cm  D: 14cm

Light 20 – H: 157cm  W: 60cm  D: 14cm

Light 21 – H: 155cm  W: 64cm  D: 6cm

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