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Oak Furniture

Oak Furniture

Oak Furniture

Oak is an extremely versatile type of hard wood and it is no wonder that because of the wide variety of types it has been used for hundreds of years to craft all types of furniture.

The natural beauty of the grain cannot be surpassed, and looks wonderful in any piece of furniture whether it be tables, chairs, sideboards, or dressers. For centuries skilled craftsmen have been using oak to craft beautiful pieces of furniture which can enhance any interior whether it be traditional or more contemporary

There are several types of oak wood which are regularly used in contemporary and modern furniture.

Natural oak wood: - One of the most popular forms of oak wood, which is natural brown colour.

Tiger Oak wood: - As you might expect, has an appearance similar to brown oak, but as the name suggests has a stripe effect running through the grain.

Pippy Oak: - Has what is known as a cats’ paw appearance on its surface.

Burr Oak wood: - Has an appearance which is similar to Pippy Oak wood, but has a denser appearance

Bog Oak wood: - Is an extremely rare type of oak wood, It is naturally dark in colour, as usually, this oak wood has been obtained after several hundred years’ preservation in a peat bog. As you may expect, as it is rare any furniture made of this type is expensive.

Here at Peppermill we stock a wide variety of reproduction furniture made from fine quality oak, as well as stunning antique pieces.

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