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Garden Furniture

An outdoor space should be a serene sanctuary that you can relax and entertain in. Whatever outdoor garden furniture you need to complete your garden space, we have plenty for you to explore.

Garden Furniture
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Comfortable outdoor garden furniture is a fantastic way to enjoy a tasty alfresco breakfast when the sun is shining and even better is an outdoor garden furniture set perfect for lounging on whilst entertaining with friends. 
With our large variety of outdoor garden furniture to choose from, the styles and possibilities are endless! We are sure you’ll find the perfect quality outdoor garden furniture set to suit your home.

Garden Outdoor Furniture Set

There is nothing quite like relaxing on a piece of outdoor garden furniture when the weather allows. Here at Peppermill, we pride ourselves on our amazing range of outdoor garden furniture sets, take a look at our rattan outdoor garden furniture, perfect to suit gardens of all shapes and sizes. Our outdoor garden furniture comes in a variety of colours from greys, browns, neutrals, and more so no matter if you are looking for an outdoor garden furniture set or a stand out piece, we have you covered.

Garden Furniture

Our online garden furniture collection is designed based on functionality and is built to withstand seasonal weather changes. We offer a wide range of outdoor garden furniture such as our garden dining tables and chairs or our range of outdoor garden sofas.  


Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture Or Wicker?

It is a common misconception that Rattan and Wicker furniture are the same thing, however this is untrue. Rattan is a material harvested from vine-like plants in tropical regions that is sturdy and flexible. Wicker is a style of weaving that dates back to Ancient Egypt and is regularly used on furniture of all varieties. Although they are different things, both are lightweight and are cheaper than most mild wood and metal furniture sets whilst still being very durable. So, when choosing between Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture and Wicker furniture make sure to take these key differences into consideration.

What Is The Best Material For Outdoor Garden Furniture Sets?

There are quite a few different options when it comes to choosing the material of your garden furniture. Metal is generally the strongest and most durable, however they are heavier and can become uncomfortable in high heat.  Rattan outdoor garden furniture is a popular alternative to synthetic polyethylene resin as it comes from an organic source and it is lightweight, strong and aesthetically pleasing.

Can You Leave Garden Furniture Outside?

Outdoor garden furniture sets can be left outside but we would advise against it for some materials. Metal furniture can become susceptible to rust if left in heavy rain and plant-based wicker such as rattan can also become susceptible to wet weather and moisture, causing it to weaken.

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