ogden reclaimed maple dining table

Ogden Reclaimed Maple Dining Table


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Introducing our limited edition ‘Ogden’ reclaimed maple dining table.

The smooth maple top is made from the floorboards of the now demolished Ogden’s tobacco factory in Liverpool. Having taken on the mellow hues of 150 years of tobacco production, the thick boards have been sanded and given a golden finish, which brings out the beauty of the wood without removing the patina of age.

The top is set upon a hand cast iron base. Although all the castings are the same, in that they are based on the same master casting, the nature of the single item process means that each base is unique. The legs are also hand finished to smooth edges, giving them another layer of individuality.

It is available in two sizes. Choose from 200 x 90cm or 240 x 100cm.

The table creates an instant feature in any room, as comfortable in a listed building as in a modernist open plan space. The limited quantity of the reclaimed materials and the labour-intensive nature of the process means there will be a limited number of these tables ever made.

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2m x 90cm (TBL-1417-EM) Dimensions

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