Vintage Restaurant & Bar Furniture

At Peppermill Interiors, we are proud to stock a collection of the finest vintage restaurant and bar furniture available. While new establishments pop up everywhere, the decor of many places look to the past to create something contemporary, fashionable and unique. Our reclaimed furniture items are perfect for giving your bar or restaurant some charm to make it stand out from the crowd. Our selection covers vintage tables, seating, lighting and more.

Browse our full range of vintage furniture for the hospitality industry below or in our showroom. Choose from our selection of front of house greeting points, industrial lighting, one-off feature tables and more. We also have a host vintage items available for more unique choices. 

Vintage Restaurant & Bar Furniture
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Vintage Restaurant Furniture

Create the perfect look for your restaurant from our selection of the finest restaurant chairs and dining tables. Choose from a host of reclaimed wood furniture to give your restaurant a special feeling. Have the front of house greet your customers with a rustic Maitre D Stand as its gracious storage houses the menus ready for giving out. Let your diners enjoy their food at an Industrial Trolley Table with their condiments placed in one of our fine Vintage Condiment Holders. Staff can retrieve and store everything needed using our sturdy Industrial Drawer Units. Does your restaurant have cuisine from a specific country or continent? Display a Vintage Map to add to your theme.


Vintage Bar Furniture

Vintage pieces add a lot of character to a bar and there are various styles available to match your vision for your establishment. Our retro industrial style offerings include an Industrial Bar Table, Electric Conductor Mounted Bar Stools and Metal Cage Lights which are perfect for an urban style bar. For something more rustic, add an Antique Fire Surround to your fireplace for somewhere warm and inviting to enjoy a drink. If you’re looking for something that could go indoors or outdoors, our distinctive Wooden Barrel Table will add a nautical feeling to your establishment.

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