solid oak & glass room dividers

Solid Oak & Glass Room Dividers

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Unique and striking to look at, the Solid Oak and Glass Room Dividers have been rescued from the council offices in Walsall. In a 1930s style, the wall dividers boast a solid oak frame and clear leaded glass.

The room dividers will work wonderfully in a home or can be used in the refitting of a bar, where it can be used to section off specific areas or split a room in a home into two.

To remove the dividers from their previous home with minimal damage, they have had to be split into sections. If the sections are put back together correctly, they do, remarkably, have a door in the middle.

There is some slight damage to the wall dividers, but they are in good condition overall.

Panel Dimensions:

Panel 1:
Height: 285cm
Width: 97cm

Panel 2:
Height: 195cm
Width: 145cm

Panel 3:
Height: 185cm
Width: 285cm

Panel 4:
Height: 184cm
Width: 285cm

Panel 5:
Height: 183cm
Width: 85cm

Panel 6:
Height: 196cm
Width: 54cm

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