Vintage Stacking Chairs

Vintage Stacking Chairs

Vintage stacking chairs, also known as stacking school chairs, church chairs, tubular framed chairs, community hall chairs, in-fact many names. The basic design dates back to the 1930's when PEL a company based in Oldbury, Birmingham first produced this 'modern' new age design. The most popular design was of a tubular bent steel frame which was painted in various colours and then a plywood seat and back rest was then pot riveted onto the frame. The result was a very comfortable chair which was perfect for all types of community uses. As these chairs stacked on top of each other they took up less room so were perfect for businesses with limited storage capacities.

The earliest design was of tubular steel and canvas seat and back rest, designed in 1931; these were mass-produced for schools, hospitals etc. The canvas seat made the chair lighter and was very popular. Other companies such as 'Bamco', 'Cox' and 'Remploy' started to make this design and during the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's this form of seating was seen everywhere.

Today with the revival of vintage and industrial furniture these vintage stacking chairs have made a real re-appearance . Recycle, upcycle, restore, whatever you wish to name it the chairs have once again become very popular with the resurgence of the industrial, vintage style.

We stock the largest range of authentic vintage stacking chairs within the UK, with  a choice between canvas, plywood and slatted seats, perfect for any home or business.

Vintage stacking chairs

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