With interior trends changing almost as frequently as the weather, we thought we’d share our ideas on how to keep up with the latest in-thing, whilst injecting more ‘YOU’ into your home.

Most people can’t justify spending money updating their home every time a new trend is determined to be ‘in’ or ‘out’ – and probably don’t want to, either. Finding the perfect balance between trendy and timeless is best achieved by understanding why you like something. Do you love it because it’s in every magazine and featured in every Instagram home? Or have you always felt drawn to a certain style, and it just so happens to be ‘in’ right now? One way to create a timeless feel in your home, is to invest in designs that you’ve always loved, so that you know you won’t get bored and feel the need to replace it in a year’s time. A great way to understand what you’re drawn to is to look in your wardrobe at what colours and fabrics tend to catch your eye.

We’ve picked a few ‘trends’ that are on the cards for 2019, and would love to share our ideas on how to use these styles in your home to get that timeless look.

Back to nature.

2019 is seeing more people view their homes as an escape from their busy lives, which are filled with ever-changing technology and plenty of noise. Homes are becoming more serene, with a shift towards natural colours and materials. Plant life in the home is as present as ever, and stone and natural wooden surfaces are rising in popularity. Earthy tones such as terracotta and clay are in, as well as sustainable, handmade products. With the current focus on fast fashion and its effect on the environment, opting for handmade and vintage products is a greener choice. Vintage items, such as wooden dining tables and sideboards, often have a more lived-in look, so are a great way to add character to your space.

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Florals are back.

Another way to create a timeless look for your home, is to take inspiration from the period in which your house was built. For example, if your home was built in the 1950/60s then it will likely lend itself well to mid-century modern furniture; if you live in a period property with high ceilings and wall moulding, floral William Morris-esque wallpaper will probably look incredible. If flowery prints have always been your thing, then you’re in luck. With the interiors market becoming saturated with floral patterns, you’ll have plenty to choose from. And now is the time to invest in the style that you love, because whilst every home shop is stocking up on the botanical trend, there’s plenty of choice for every budget.

Less is more.

2018 saw eclectic clutter and busy gallery walls. 2019 is the era of ‘less is more’. Marie Kondo is taking Netflix by storm, encouraging us all to only keep what is useful or what we truly love. Choosing a statement armchair or sofa is a fantastic way of creating a focal point for your room, whilst still keeping it simple. At Peppermill Interiors we have an extensive range featuring a variety of traditional, vintage style, and contemporary seating. Another method of injecting personality into a room is by using vintage pieces that you feel connected to, either because they evoke nostalgia, or you simply love the way they look.

The only real advice we can give you is to go with your heart. As interior designer Billy Baldwin said, "Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style."

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