Which Wood Is Best for a Dining Table?

For some of us, the dining table is the most integral piece of furniture in our daily routine. It is where we read the morning paper, where we sit, socialise, eat our family meals and where we drink our glasses of wine. But as we sit and enjoy our dining experiences night after night, we have to ask ourselves, which wood is best for a dining table? Which wood is the most hard wearing and how can we make sure we are choosing the dining table that best suits our lifestyle?

Wood is a very natural and resourceful material. It can last a lifetime and suits so many different interior styles, everything from country to scandi, there are smooth pine dining tables and solid rustic oak tables. The versatility of wood is unparalleled, which is why it is still one of the most popular choices for dining tables. Read on to find out the benefits of each type of wood and how to pick the right dining table for you.

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Is Pine Wood Good For Dining Tables?

Pine wood is a very popular choice for furniture and considered one of the most used woods for dining tables for its strong and shock-resistant characteristics. At Peppermill, we use a lot of pine for our furniture for both table tops and bases because of its lovely character and appearance. Our Castle Extending Dining Table is a very popular choice for buyers who love the natural character in the wood, paired with the diamond and star design to the top. The Castle table has a double pedestal base and also has the ability to extend, which makes it the perfect choice for people with large families.

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The Monastery Reclaimed Pine Dining Table is a new addition to our range of dining tables, it has a beautiful whitewash finish and is a fresh twist on a typical 19th century French country farmhouse dining table. There is even a matching coffee table, too!

Alongside the Monastery and Castle are other pine dining tables such as the Burford, Ironbridge and Boden, which are all bespoke, handmade tables created from good quality pine material. The Boden and the Burford have a distinctive classic ‘English’ country farmhouse design that will work well in a kitchen or dining room, whereas the Ironbridge dining table has a pine table top and beautiful iron detailing to the base. These wooden dining tables have been built by UK craftsmen who have used natural reclaimed pine wood, so each table is unique and is a great eco-friendly choice.


Are Oak Dining Tables Best?

Slightly heavier than its equally as popular counterpart, pine; oak wood is a practical and durable wood with a deep and rustic grain, making it a firm favourite for those on the hunt for a dining table that will last forever. Oak wood is slightly more difficult to source as it is a slow growing wood, but is worth waiting for thanks to its hard-wearing rustic, natural material with deep knots, grooves and marks which adds tons of vintage character to a table.

The heavy-duty oak wood dining table is a must for families with young children who use the dining table on an everyday basis, as it is somewhat resistant to dents, marks and blemishes. Our Reclaimed Oak Table is full of rustic charm and would look beautiful in front of a thriving warm log burner. Our Havana Dining Table is also made from strong oak and can seat up to six people. The table also has a centre pedestal leg and a whitewashed finish, for more of a contemporary feel.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Elm Wood Furniture

Elm is harder to find and source than the aforementioned woods, elm wood is heavier than pine and has a more unique and distinctive patina with tight, striped lines for a graining pattern. Extremely durable and long lasting, elm wood has a smoother texture. Our Limed Elm Dining Table is made from 100% recycled and reclaimed elm and has a lovely, limed wash finish. It has a largely rustic, classic look to it and an authentic, rugged, uneven surface thanks to the characterful knots and grooves. The dining table even has a matching dining bench!

Our Large Square Dining Table is also made from reclaimed elm wood as well as our Oversized X Frame table base, which can also be purchased in different types of tops, so you can contrast and compare to see which would be best for you. The X Frame has a metal frame base to create an industrial wood and metal table.

Pros and Cons of Maple Wood Tables

Another hard wood that is resilient and wears extremely well is maple wood. This particular wood is silky smooth to the touch and looks very sleek. Maple oak does have a range of different grain patterns, but it does have a slightly tighter grain than oak, which just adds to the unique charm and character of the material.

Each of our Ogden Reclaimed Maple Dining Table is set upon its own unique hand cast iron base, and is a real rarity and delightful table. The smooth maple top is made from the floorboards of Ogden’s tobacco factory in Liverpool. The thick boards have been sanded but still retain their authentic aged patina. A truly unique, hard-wearing table which will last and carries a piece of history with it of over 150 years old.

We have a range of different dining tables for you to choose from, go for rustic industrial tables for a modern minimalist space or an authentic farmhouse dining table for a country inspired home. Most of our tables have distinct grooves and knots and are sustainable. If you would like more information on any of the tables listed, please contact us today and our friendly staff will be happy to help with any queries you may have. 

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